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cat info help! cats reaction?

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hi i was wondering everyone could do me a really big favour. im doing a research project on cats for my degree and if they all react to cat nip. if you could say for each cat you have if they react to it or not i would be so grateful and once ive done the work il post my results up too so if you could write like

fluffy - yes
bradley- no

thanks!! xx

p.s if you could say in detail how they react that would be nice aswell

admin- i hope this is ok to do i would have emailed to check if i wasnt on a tight deadline
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My cat napolean does not react to catnip. He kind of sniffs it and moves on.
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Your poll does not have an option for multiples....

Our family cat Midori is a true stoner, as in reacts quite strongly. She just gets mellow and rubs it and eats it and rolls on it. Also scoots her butt over it. Don't know how this makes it taste better, but whatever floats your boat kitty...

My cat Aya could care less about nip, in fact she tends to walk away from it. I have a few catnip toys she loves but I think she likes the chew toy aspect and nto the nip as she does not react at all and even a little adversely to loose nip.
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All three of mine have a reaction. Each reaction is different.

Lilly: She gets all relaxed and sleepy. She loves to eat it.

Zachary: Makes him act like a clown. Leaping and playing with his toys.

Forrest: Forrest is an "Angry Nipper". The pupils in his eyes get huge and he gets a little aggressive towards the other cats and us humans. He also will try to keep the other cats away from "his" nip - lunging and barking at them if they get too close. He rolls in it and gets it stuck all over his fur. We don't let him get at the nip too often - but occasionally we let him roll in it cause it can be quite funny.

Nip at our house is like being in a bar late at night. Lilly is the sleepy girl, Zachary is the comic/life of the party and Forrest is the loud angry biker-type drinking way too many shots of whiskey.
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I have had kitties that love catnip, but in intervals. I voted no because Maia could care less about catnip, literally! Doesn't react to a catnip sock, a catnip toy, scratching post, nothing! But she is her own, and made this clear!
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My cat likes to eat the catnip but has no reaction to it. And I've seen how crazy cats can get on catnip so I know he's just not one of them.
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No reaction x 3 for us.
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Patches eats it and then rolls in it. Alice doesn't eat as much of it. She also rolls in it then trys to splay herself out over it so she can keep it all to herself, she doesn't get aggressive to keep it to herself though.
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Shareena and Miss Patchwillow don't react at all (they are sisters). I don't know about Goldy. I thought once that she had gotten hold of a catnip toy and kind of went nuts, but then it never happened again. I haven't tried catnip with the kittens.
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Bugsy yes, Lucky not at all...
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No reaction at all. Maggie doesn't even like the smell of it and immediately walks away.
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My boyfriend's RB cat, Cato, liked nip. He would eat the dry stuff and be more playful even into his dotage. We once made the mistake of giving him a little fresh nip. Geez. It was like he was having a bad acid trip. Another poster here descibed her cat as an angry nipper. Cato got really worked up and aggressive, started staggering around like a drunk, shadow-boxed things that weren't there, tried to bite us if we touched him and then peed on the floor!! Ooohhh kaaaayyy... that didn't go well. No more fresh nip for baby.
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Sterling loves it and will try to hog it.

Punkin likes it, eats it.

Ella is not wild about it, and didn't react at first, although she was adult.
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Tiger eats it and that's all, no reaction at all.

Maggie rubs the sides of her face in it and her back sometimes and if Tiger tries to eat Maggie's there is trouble!
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two times agression ,

the cats will roll around in it and then eat it .... and then kind of flipp out. After consuming cat nip particularly my tom cat will start attacking hands (which he normally doesn't do) and protecting his lot of cat nip. This is when we're talking about dry cat nip.

Fresh cat nip in the garden doesn't seem to have such strong an effect- or they eat less of it. They will stroll by and take a bite full before strolling on, without much agression.

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My Zane is indifferent to catnip.

Does anyone know if big cats react to it? I'd like to watch (from a save distance) a tiger or a panther on a catnip jag.
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Levi - Eats it but does not otherwise get crazy (does love to eat it though)
Jordan - Eats it & rolls in it. If it's in a toy he will go crazy trying to destroy the toy to get at the cat nip.
Isaac - Eats it, rolls in it & gets crazy for a short time.
Maggie - Rolls in & gets a little crazy, Isaac & Maggie usually play together after a little nip.

Smokey (R.I.P) - would get crazy for a short time then lay there like she was catatonic.
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Bodhi couldn't care less about catnip, but Siddha is my little hippie-kitty. He LOVES catnip toys.
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Originally Posted by Plebayo View Post
My cat napolean does not react to catnip. He kind of sniffs it and moves on.
Same with Trout...I don't notice anything.
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altho all of mine react to a degree, Chip & Pixel react far more strongly than the other 3 do. so i voted 'yes' & 'no' - Cable seems to prefer honeysuckle to catnip, & Java & Firefox don't really care either way - they're more interested in the type of toy than to the nip itself.
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Friday -- yes
Kit -- yes
Hemmy -- yes
Seti -- yes

The first three cats listed react in a fairly normal fashion. They smell it, eat it, roll around on it and act like they're trying to rub it on their heads. After about 20 minutes they snap out of it. Oh, they tend to be a bit wilder than normal in their play when "on the nip" as we call it and may bite harder than usual.

Seti is a complete and total addict. If he so much as sees me with the container he runs to me and begs for it. He does the same things the others do but seems to enjoy it more. Of course, he is two and the other cats are 5 to 7 years older.
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Sunny has never liked catnip - - UNTIL we brought home his chipmunk friend that is stuffed with some crazy catnip. He zoomed around the room with it in his mouth. This is the very first time he's actually liked anything with catnip in it. He still plays with his chipmunk though the magic of the catnip is nearly gone (the smell is getting weak apparently)
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Yes! Dusty eats it, sniffs it, rolls in it! She loves it!
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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
My Zane is indifferent to catnip.

Does anyone know if big cats react to it? I'd like to watch (from a save distance) a tiger or a panther on a catnip jag.
ive looked though tons of journals to find the answer is that yep big cats do, mainly lions than tigers but the bobcat has no reaction at all to it. i wanted to go to the zoo and actually test it.

im adding up everything now and should have results done by next week thanks everyone for helping me out
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Probably a bit late, but I enjoyed reading the others (particularly the one that peed on the floor!)

De isn't really interested in actual cat nip but plays more with toys that have it.
Jasper will do ANYTHING to get at cat nip, and always finds it even though we go to extraordinary lengths to keep it out of reach (we've had to rescue him from some insane places that I couldn't even guess how he got to). He didn't react at all until about 6 months (which I've heard is true for a lot of cats) but seems to love the stuff now. His pupils go all wide and he rolls around in it although tonight is the first time I've actually seen him eat any of it (this is dry and quite old though, so maybe that makes a difference).
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Dusty - LOVES IT - dry and out of a pot
Mickey - LOVES IT - dry and out of a pot
Scaredy - LOVES DRY - hasn't had any green out of a pot yet
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