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Spayed Cat in Heat

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I seriously have all the luck!

I adopted my kitty, Georgia, about 3 weeks ago and she yowled a lot the first week. I chalked it up to anxiety since she was spayed. The next week and a half/two weeks she was an angel...quiet, sweet, friendly. And now two days ago she started yowling again. This time coupled with rolling around on the floor, rubbing on everything, super affection, and the lovely rear end in the air back legs pumping. She is definitely in heat!

After going through the rescue group, to the vet in GA where she came from, to the vet in GA that actually did the spay they told me that there may be ovarian tissue left over causing her to be in heat! I'm just waiting to hear back from the rescue group to see if she should go to their vet or mine 'cause this "forgotten tissue" has got to go!

At least I know that I could never be a breeder in life because listening to cats in heat is seriously torture!
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That poor cat.
She if it can be removed by lapo.
It would save the cat a lot of pain.
I have a cat that cold not be fixed and she is half siamese.
A siamese in heat is the worse.
The good thing is she is 17 now and does not really go in heat anymore.
My Sasha was lap spayed and it worked out well.
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Our magic color changing mixed breed Ling was "spayed twice". She was spayed and a year later after we moved, came back into full heat. Hubby was going nutz. We called the vet and they didn't believe me - asked me "are you sure?"

I told them "I bred pedigree cats, I KNOW when a cat is in heat and this cat you spayed is acting like she is in full heat!" - can you tell I was mad!

Anyway she was taken back (after negotiating that they would cover 1/2 the cost) and opened up. Ling had a cyst about the size of a marble in the area where the ovarian tissues had been and this was causing the fake heat actions.

She's back to normal and no more "heat" cycles! Thank God.
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