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Cat scared of us.....

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Hey all, im new to these forums but decided that with 2 cats and im sure i will have many questions to ask in the future i may need some help As the title suggests our cat whom we picked up from the spca about a year ago <half feral> got herself tangled up in a plastic bag <not badly> and ran around the apartment in a panicked fury. The bag did come off and she ran into the laundry room only to stay hidden for some time. I went in and checked to see if she was ok and ended up petting her for a bit to make sure nothing hurt. She seemed fine but now acts like the first time we brought her home....sketched out....doesnt seem to recall where she is or who we are and even hissed at me.This frightens me a little as before the mishap she was the most affectionate cat we have ever had. Anybody no whats happening? oh and i petted her alot all over to see if she was hurt and thats what was causing it but she never peeped. and her ears were perky not laid flat. <she is just a year old>
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Welcome to TCS!

She just really freaked herself out and most likely is letting you know she wants to be alone for a while. Does she have any reason to associate you with the incident? Were you holding the bag when it happened? Do you smell like what was in the bag? If the answer to these questions are no, then most likely it's just that she needs her time and space to recover.

This happened to our little Flowerbelle, only she peed as she ran around caught in the bag, poor baby was SO terrified. We chased her down and got her out of it. She was so terrified it took a little time to get over it. She just hunkered down for a little while. Each cat works on his/her own schedule, so I wouldn't worry too much. As long as she wasn't physically hurt (you're sure she's breathing fine, right?), she'll get over it. Don't force attention on her. Maybe give her a few treats here and there.

Needless to say, we made sure ANY kind of bags with handles never got left anywhere a kitty could get to ever again - including paper bags and purses and stuff.

Vibes to your baby!

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Ah thank you for your reply Onyx is doing much better now. She jumped up on to our bed and let us pet her as she used to <to my relief lol> She is still a little sketched but 10x better than before.
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She had a terrible experience, believing a monster had grabbed her and was attempting to eat her. It takes a while for that to fade out of the memory!
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Those plastic bag monsters are so scary! (Until they next get the urge to explore, that is...)
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LOL so true...
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I've seen it happen to all three of ours, at least one time for each.
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