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New Kitten, Missing cat!

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Last night we brought a new kitten home. His name is Butters and he's an orange colored tabby. We got him from a litter of kittens my sister's roomate found. He's very friendly and adorable, about 6 1/2 weeks old. The problem is my resident cat Molly met him for a while this morning, they hissed at eachother, even growled a bit. At a few points Molly looked as if she was gonna pounce butters and it concerned me.

Also, we are having our roof fixed, which is making a lot of noise which usually caused Molly to hide (either under a bed, in a closet...) while they are here. She usually resufaces about an hour or so after they leave. But it has been a few hours no and she is nowhere to be found! I looked everywhere in all her common hiding spots and no signs of her. Is this a common thing? I am so afraid she has ran away because thats what happend to my aunt. Please help!
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First of all, I want to welcome you to TCS!!
I don't have a lot of advice for you. Sometimes my cat, Snowball, will disappear for a couple of hours, and after we've looked everywhere, he'll come out of a new hiding place. Is there anyway Molly could have actually escaped from your home?

There are members here who are very knowledgeable and may be able to give you more help.
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Is there any possible way that Molly could have accessed the roof while repairs were carried out? You may want to ask the repairers if they had noticed your cat.

Is there any possibility that a window or door may have been left ajar or open allowing Molly to leave the noise and Butters?

I'll help with missing Molly first, then a little about cat introductions. Leave some food out for her in the meal area. If she's still in the house, chances are is that she will come out when she's ready and eat. (This could be when you're asleep.)

If there is even the slightest possibility of Molly being outside of the house, leave food and water out for her. Cats don't simply dash off into the world and never come back. Most of the time they hide in a well hidden spot near their homes.

At the moment Molly is probably feeling frightened by the noise and possibly threatened by the introduction of Butters to the household. It's no longer just her territory anymore. She'll need some reassurance that she is still part of the household and will still be loved.

You may want to try the introduction more slowly. Try rubbing the scent of one cat onto another. This can be done with a towel. Rub one cat with it, and then introduce the scent to the second cat. If there's no hissing, pat the cat and give plenty of praise and rub the towel onto it. And vice versa to transfer the scent of the second cat to the first.

Butters and Molly may need separate eating areas for the time being. And gradually with time, you can try to move the eating areas closer as Molly and Butters become more accustomed to each other.

You may also want to try using a Feliway plug. you plug it in the wall and it releases a scent that calms cats down, especially when they are stressed or frightened.
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Any progress?

Sending our positive energy to you and your kitties.
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thanks for all the wonderful advice! Thankfully Molly did return home that day. Since the weather is (finally!) starting to get nice, Molly likes to lounge around the back yard, which she usually doesn't leave. However when shes inside she is starting to hide. I assume it's because when she and Butters confront each other Butters, being a playful kitten will try to swat at Molly who proceeds to growl and hiss, I hope that when Butters mellows out a little they will start to be more friendly to each other.
again, thanks for all your help guys, I still have hope that they can be a happy brother and sister yet.
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Glad Molly came home safe and sound! Keep us updated on how the siblings are getting along! I have a feeling they'll be fine after an adjustment period.
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Molly is behaving pretty well, considering little Butters is at a particularly rambunctious phase in his kittenhood. Molly has always been a somewhat aloof cat, but when she feels like it she can be extremely loving (usually around feeding time...), which leads me to my next question, is it more a trait of male cats to be affectionate? Because I know several family members who own male cats and they will always run up to you and sit on your lap, etc. We had family over this weekend and thats how Butters was, whereas Molly opts to hide. I was just wondering. Thanks again for the encouragment.
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It really depends on the individual cat, just like people, they have different personalities.

Great to hear that Molly came back. ^_^
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Yea, its a cat to cat basis. Mischief will hide from anyone, Niko doesn't like strangers, but Isis will play with anyone that allows her.
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Sounds like things are going a little smoother. Cats seem to be just like people in the respect they all have their own little personalities and idiosyncrasies! :split: My female cat loves to lay on me and likes to sleep in the corner of my bed. She gives kisses too! But she won't go cuddle with just anyone. She has to get to know you first. When my daughter first came back from Texas she wanted Peaches to cuddle with her but she wouldn't. After about a week, Peaches began cuddling with Rachel. Sometimes she'll even go lay with Rachel in the morning once I've gotten up to get ready for work. But Peaches is still mommies girl and she'll always come to me first if there is opportunity! If we have company, she sprawls out on the coffee table in the living room like she's a queen on display! She seems to want people to know she is present and to see how beautiful she is. Peaches will sometimes go sit next to someone visiting and offer them privlege of petting her. It's like she's saying, "I'm special, but I'll let you pet my long, soft, beautiful coat...for a few seconds." What a gal!

PS: Do I talk about my own little Peaches too much? I feel like one of those moms that is always bragging about how good her own kid is!

Tammie & Peaches
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haha! don't worry I talk about my own beautiful kitties just as much. And I can definately relate to you on the "queenly" type behavior of your Peaches. Molly certainly is the queen bee in this house. One should feel very honored if Molly should choose to lay next to you or, if your very lucky, on your lap!
A little update on the little angels Molly has stopped hiding and shes resumed her normal reign of the household, but she concerns me sometimes with her agression towards little Butters. He can just walk by her and she will smack at him and growl. I am hopeful that this is another phase of her adjustment and one day I will come home to find them snuggled up together since I love them both soooo very much.
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