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May's Contest Winner- gurlpower!!!

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It's out of the bag and OFFICIAL!!!

We have a WINNER!

Congratulations to Shirley (gurlpower) for winning May's Contest and snagging a lovely "I Love Cats" pin in Austrian SwarovskiCrystals, donated by catsplay.com Thank you also to Amy for sponsoring May's contest, and all of you who played thank you for participating.

Next month's contest will be related to cat trivia/movies and literature. Stay tuned to the forum for more details.
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Woohoo! Congratulations Shirley!!!
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i have been so busy with my kitties, i finally got online to check my stuff this morning.

i am so overjoyed by this piece of news... really made my day!!!

This will be perfect accessory for me to wear for Daisy' birthday party on 19th of June -- Isys, Venus, me and hub will be there.. teehee!! Oh yes, i will wear the pin at my next cat show as well!! i will wear it proud indeed!

Thanks again for the lovely pin. Thanks Mary Anne for the great news. i am so overjoyed! Thanks Amy for sponsoring the contest -- you have great stuff at your website! i saw the pin weeks ago, and love all the pretty kitty new stuff at www.catsplay.com.

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Congratulations Shirley!!

Please take a pic to show us when it arrives!
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Congratulations on winning the contest and thanks to all who took part!

Shirley, I will contact you directly so that you can let me know what 'finish' you want on the pin.

Thanks again to all!
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Woohoo! Congrats Shirley!
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Shirley, That's just great, and congratulations on her recent win at the show!
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Thanks Mary Anne, Jennifer, Tania, Amy, Viva and Jeanie for the congratulatory note -- it is truly appreciated! *sniff!!

The truth is i hardly win anything -- so you can imagine how excited and overjoyed i am!! My hubby does not know yet - i decided it will be a sweet surprise. He is always teasing me about my love for animals.. teehee!!

i am so happy!

Smiles and Cheers!
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Congrats to a wonderful lady!
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Wow Congratulations Shirley! Like others said please get pictures of it when you get it! I can't WAIT to see it Congratulations again!!

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