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Sat. March 28....whatcha doin?

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(first off, does anyone mind that I post these on the weekend? I know people do the daily thread during the week, and I tend to post a whatcha doing weekend post.... I'm not stepping on anyones toes am I?????)

Supposed to be a nice day today, rainy tommorrow..... so I'm planning on spending most of the day outside. Just doing some yard work n' such.

What are you plans for today?
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I look after my elderly mom -- so today my sister is "mommysitting" and my boyfriend and I are going to the state capitol, Lansing, to visit this big museum there... and stay overnight in a really nice B&B.
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Cleaning house, my grandbaby is supposed to come over later, and I am gonna be watching the LSU baseball game on tv this afternoon.
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I am off to se my reception venue in a bit to get some deco ideas

I am making Eggplant Penne in the crockpot tonight for dinner, so that should be good.

My wedding band is ready so I have to pick that up today too.

Thats about all for now!
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I've finished cleaning up after last nights' card party and read two newspapers and have laundry to do.

I "rescued" a chickadee just a few minutes ago (a baby) after it hit the windows, and I have the stickers on them too! Just held for a couple of minutes then walked it over to a tree.

Went into garage and petted "buddy the stray" for a while-otherwise he yowls constantly. He did escape outside when Neil came home from work but was down by the garden and came when I called!!

Its supposed to snow later today anywhere from 2-7".

So no other plans as of yet.
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Today I'm stopping by Banfield to pick up Nero's vaccination records in case I need them when we look at kitties to be his friend. Then I'll probably drive down to Rob's work and either do the oil change on the car or have him do it (depending on what I decide to wear today ). Going to pick up a bagel from Dunkin Donuts along the way. Then I'll head back to the house, and maybe stop by the SPCA here and look at the kitties, play with some, and get an idea for us to look together later. At 3pm I have my pole practice, and my instructor is evaluating my friend and I to see if we are ready to move up to the 201 class. She told me Thursday she thinks I will be moving up but wants to do one more evaluation (heck, I already do half the 201 tricks on my own already just by watching!)

I'm not sure if we are going to go to my co-workers Housewarming/Engagement/Belated 30th birthday party at his new house or not. It's like a 45 minute drive from here. I also dont know if I'll know anyone but him and his fiancee! They are certainly cramming a lot of events into one ... he turned 30 on 1/3/09, they got engaged in June 08, but only just moved into their house the first week of March. If we dont go, we'll go on date night - to where, I dont know yet.
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Just another exciting Saturday planned here - maybe some laundry and dishes, and I gotta buy some more cat food. I've been wanting to see Watchmen on Imax, so maybe I'll finally be able to drag DH out tonight.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Just another exciting Saturday planned here - maybe some laundry and dishes, and I gotta buy some more cat food. I've been wanting to see Watchmen on Imax, so maybe I'll finally be able to drag DH out tonight.
I LOVED The Watchman! Have fun!

It snowing here and so we're probably hanging out at home.
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Working until 3pm. When I get home, I will spend time with the cats, maybe take a nap, then tonight my wife and I will be going to our favorite night club, The Chamber
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Working from 9am-1pm then I'm probably going to lounge around at home... watch a couple of movies, hangout with my kitty, that sort of thing hehe.
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I am not sure yet. I need to do some cleaning so i may work on that, but I am not too motivated today . I was going to go to the dog park, but just found out it is about a 1.5 mi walk to the dog park from the parking spots. Doesn't bother me, but i would have to carry Ollie-- he can't walk that far without getting tired and overheating. So it looks like I will be hanging out with kitties and hopefully cleaning today if I get motivated enough.
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Well yesterday I had these big plans to get a lot accomplished this weekend.

This morning it is not looking so good that I will get them all done this weekend. I slept in until 10:30 this morning and I never, ever sleep that late. Woke up with a tummy ache and an hour later I still have it. So it is not looking to promising that I am going to get much done today. Hopefully I will perk up soon and get some energy.

If I manage to get off my butt today I want to get the house cleaned up and some baking done. We have no goodies in the house at all and my DH will soon have withdrawl if I don't get something made he likes his sweets.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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I have no problem at all with Saturday's thread. It is cloudy and rainy today but a little bit of sun. I have a hair appt. at 3pm, just need a cut. It's getting shaggy in the back and it really looks bad :-( I'm trying to finish a book since it is due back at the library in a few days, also doing a little housework and play with Autumn of course :-) Enjoy your day.
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I think it`s a good idea to do it at the weekend too

Relaxing day for me I know tomorrow and the rest of the week are going to be full on panic mode so I`m taking today to just have some me time...and Maisie time...and Sooty time...followed by more Maisie time
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I said I'd likely be working the 28th and I was right. I work tonight. I'm not sure if I'll have DH take me to work and pick me up though, Cameros don't handle so well on anything remotely slick so I'd rather not drive.
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We're doing our best to get everything done around the house that requires electricity (laundry, vacuuming, etc), cause we're in the middle of an ice storm and I suspect we might lose power. If we don't lose it, I'll get some sewing done later today. If we lose it, we cover ourselves in blankets and become a cat and dog pile. Or maybe we'll just do that anyway.
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Well, I've been working all day. It was sooooo nice out. We raked the lawn to get rid of all of the dead grass....cut back my shrubs, pulled some weeds, turned the compost and washed my truck.

The good thing, I was having a good day as far as my hands go.
The bad thing, tomorrow is going to be far as my hands/pain goes. I won't be doing much at all tomorrow.... my right hand is already swollen and starting to stiffen up pretty bad. UGGGGGGGGG.

BUT.... I got to enjoy my day. If I don't enjoy a day here and there, I'll sink into a slump, depression, self pity, etc. So even tho I know I'll pay for it, it feels good to have done something.

ETA: most of my hostas are coming up...buds on shrubs.... some of my lilies are peaking through.
I seeing that.
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