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Do your Kittens like to shower???

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If I leave the bathroom door open while showering I am always guaranteed visitors....My 6 month old male kitten Figaro and his siter Cleo!

They started just peeking in at me and would jump in the bathtub after I shut off the water, they just sit in the tub and lick the water.

Now Figaro is getting braver, the last few times I was showering he actually got into the bathtub while the shower water was running!!

He does not actually go under the stream of water just to where the mist is hitting him.

He just sits there and licks the tub and tracks the bubbles as they go down the drain.

I make sure he does not lick the suds or shampoo bubbles while he is visiting me, I dont want him to get sick.

I think its funny. I wonder how long it will be before he actually lets the water hit him???

Cleo is a fraidy cat, she wants no part of the shower but turn on any faucet in the house and she is there before you even turn the handle.....

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Awww, that's really cute! If they don't get startled at some point, it could be something they will learn to enjoy!

Billy was so clingy as a Kitten that he'd even follow me into the shower. I can't say he likes it or loves it, but he definitely tolerates it when he's being a big baby.
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My kitten will come in, sit outside the tub and meow. Recently, she has been sitting on the side of the tub looking at the water when I am in the bath.
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My senior kitty Claude takes showers.. He sits on the side of the tub so he is in the shower mist and sticks his head under the shower. He also loves to drink warm shower water dripping from your hand. He will get soaked doing this and then will sit with you purring as he is pet dry. Claude started taking showers when he was a kitten. He will be 14 April 30th and I have had him since the day he was born.
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When Binky was younger she used to jump into the shower with me. I was like,"Kitty, your are not going to like this!" But she hung out for a bit with the water raining down on her. Some cats do like water. Swimming kittys.
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I shower my cat once a week.
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Nero's been known to jump in the shower with me before He bats at the water as it goes down the drain and flicks his paws when they get wet. We used to only have a shower curtain at the in-laws house, so it was easy to get in. Now we have one of those glass magnetic doors and he has to paw at it. Sometimes I'll open it and see if he wants to come in, but I think he's learned it means wet kitty!
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Pandora is 5 months old and she adores water
Pandora didnt like it much when we first got her but she had to have alot of baths because she had alot of fleas lol
now I'm considering getting a drinking fountain because that's how much Dora loves water
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Aya always follows me in to the shower room. I have a split Japanese style bathroom. So its really a shower room. no curtain or anything just tile and a shower hose from the wall.

I think it started when I found her and she had a bad URI. My vet back home suggested taking her in to the room with me to steam her nose out while I showered. She was young enough to imprint on me as "Mom" so even after she recovered she kept following me around everywhere. And into the shower just became a habit. In fact, if I shut her out I'll hear a lot of "don't leave me, i know you're in there Mommy!" chirping and pawing at the door, so I just leave it open a few inches and she can come and go at will by squeezing under the door.

Mind you, she sits under the sink and as far away from the water as possible, although she has less of an aversion to getting her toes wet than any cat I've ever had.
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If I leave the door ajar & she's not asleep on the bed Blossom has on occasion came to investigate what I'm doing. She hasn't actually come into the shower but nearly. I'll tell her to get out or get wet. She also has a facination with the washing machine when it filling, she will bat at the water.
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They do like the shower. But the funnier thing is the bath tub. When I take a bath all of a sudden all 3 are at the side of the tub just WATCHING. It cracks me up. ReeRee also likes to dip his hands into the water.
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aww cute..Autumn will come in and jump up on the side of the tub, but has not got in the shower yet. The bath though is so funny, again she will sit up on the side and look at me like "what[i] are[i] you doing in there!' She also likes to try to get the bubbles!
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Soooo sweet I used to have a kitty named Calypso who would not only sit in the tub while you showered, he'd jump out and lick your feet dry! I used to bathe him and he really loved it - especially getting dried with a big towel that I had put in the dryer for a few minutes! Purrrrrrrrr

My cat Thor loves to drink from the faucet and eat his kibble with his hands
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