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Green laser pointers w/ cats

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With cats not actually seeing red as a color, but rather as a shade of grey (red is outside of their color spectrum), do they have more fun chasing a green laser pointer?

Anybody tried?
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I doubt it has much to do with colour, it's more about the movement I think.
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Yeah, I think it's the brightness and the movement. My cats chase reflections on the wall when I'm working at the table in sunshine, with sun glinting off my watch.
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They seem to have an awful lot of fun with a good ol' red dot. Plus, the risk of retinal damage is practically nonexistent with them. Anything more powerful than a $5 Class 3A laser puts you in the range of higher risk if there were to be an accident of some sort (I don't want to be monitoring friends or children if they want to play laser pointer with my cats). The heightened intensity of these lasers may even be annoying to them if not directly shone into their eyes, but they'd be too mesmerized to turn away.

Not ranting at you, per se, LawGuy. I just don't want people to have the impression that green lasers are toys.
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Standard green laser pointers are 5mw or less, just like the red ones. They only appear brighter because our human eyes see green much better than red. To my knowledge, technically, there really is no difference in intensity as far as the potential for retinal damage is concerned between a standard consumer green laser pointer and a standard consumer red laser pointer.

In other words, just because to us it looks brighter, doesn't mean it actually is.

I'm not saying that to disqualify your point though. I understand your point and your concern for the well being of your cats as well as others and it is well founded.
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All I know is that the hand-held laser we had back in the science dept. in college (1970) cost $1,000, and had a sign on it that said, "Do not look into laser with remaining good eye."
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Hah! I should put that sign on my ancient Helium-Neon gas laser.
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