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4th baby!!!
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Yay! Go Mama! I can't wait for pictures! How is everyone doing?
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5th baby just born.. i think the last!

they are all doing great.. omg she was such a trooper i am so proud of her. they all look very strong and healthy! i'm on such a high!
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Congratulations!! Some moms do try to have them in a litter box because they confuse the feeling of labour vs. going #2. Just make sure the kittens are clean of litter and they'll be fine

I can't wait for pictures!!!
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It was clean litter thankfully.. She delivered all but one in there! She just delivered her 6th, I think for sure that is the last. 3 black and white, 1 tabby, 1 white and black and 1 pure black! will get pics up tomorrow i am exhausted it is 2am lol.. going to wait with her a while to check she is ok etc before i go to bed though.
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Six babies is going to be so much fun in a few weeks! Yes, go get some rest, I'm sure momma has it covered now

I'll be watching for pictures I love baby kitties
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Congrats!! You are in for some fun times ahead
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Congratulations! Sarah Six babies, oh my. Can't wait to see pictures.
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Here are some photo's of Sarah and her 6 beautiful babies....

Sarah is doing great... she has been up and eaten, layed around with me away from her kittens etc.. at one point she started following me again and I wondered if she was going to surprise me with another baby lol. I think she just wants me really close to her, this may sound strange but we really bonded last night it was the sweetest experience of my life. For about an hour she lay on her back cuddled into me and I stroked her tummy whilst she purred and licked me through her contractions. Then they started to come and she moved down to her bed/food/litter box corner. BUt still wanted me close, meowed if I stepped away for a second. OMG she was just amazing I love her so much. And she is suchhhh a good mummy and absolutely adores her new babies it is just the sweetest thing. She has allowed me to move them all into her bed/box from the litter tray - I just didn't think it was very warm for the kittens. She has allowed me to handle them and has let my 5yr old stroke them already... she is just amazing. so proud of her.
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Awww!!!! They're adorable! Congrats Sarah! 6 babies too! I'm glad she's alright!!!
Love the pics!
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They look so healthy!!! I just love the feel of new babies, and please keep holding them and touching them as often as she'll let you. Socialization from day 1 is so important. Allow your 5 yr old to continue petting them, and this is a good opportunity for you to teach how to handle them properly. It's always good to supervise those visits as well. I am sure you know all of this already

I just love babies, you are so fortunate!!!
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Thank you for your advice.

Unfortunately we lost one of the kittens today. It was the smallest of the litter and I think it just wasn't strong enough to fight for the milk - I had no idea they fight the way they do already. Survival of the fittest I guess. Anyway I noticed it was tiny so took Sarah aside and brought the tiny one to her to feed on its own and it just wouldn't, it was almost as if it didn't know what to do. I put its mouth next to the nipple and it just tried to climb up Sarah's body. In the basket it was crawling away from her, meowing loudly. I went to the pet shop and bought a kitten feeding kit, but when I got home it was almost dead. It took a few gasps but its chest was not moving. I worked on it a while but I could only get it to gasp every few mins so I just gave it back to Sarah and she licked it etc but when I got home from picking my son up from school, the kitten is stiff. How could it be fighting for life - meowing, crawling around etc then 2 hours later be gasping its last breaths? I am so upset I can't believe it - I have no idea how I got so attached to it after just 2 days. Poor little thing - it was the one I was considering keeping too cos it was just so cute and so sweet. I keep thinking if only I had tried to feed it earlier then it would be ok. I am finding it hard to come to terms with burrying it in the garden - "just in case" - but if it is stiff then it is definitely dead, right?
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I'm so sorry you lost one. Which is the one who died? Rip little kitty. Play happily and strong at the rainbow bridge.

Don't beat yourself up about it. Sometimes these things happen and we never know why. There are too many "what ifs". Yes, it might have made a difference if you'd tried to feed the kitten earlier, but it's just as likely that it was just too little to make it no matter what you did.

Give your sweet baby a nice funeral and then go back and give all the others a lot of loving. They are so adorable. We need more pics.
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I'm so sorry to hear a kitten didn't make it. These things do happen though, despite our best efforts. You must believe that you did all you could and keep in mind that the rest of the litter needs you. We all know that death is painful for us in the living, but we must soldier on.

Say a nice prayer for the kitten; it will be heard
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Sorry about your loss. I lost my second early this morning.... It is hard but hopefully all the rest of yours and mine make it.!!!
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It is sad, when my cat had her babies like 2 weeks ago the first 2 did not make it. She would have has 6 kittens.

RIP little kitty <3
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