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Any ideas when my pregnant cat is due?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here, so forgive me if this question has been asked before and I apologise if it is an obvious one, but this is my cats first litter.

Obviously I am not asking for an actual date, but was wondering if anyone could tell roughly how far on she is to give me a guide.

I hadn't been feeling her tummy at all because I thought it was dangerous, until last week I read people can feel the kittens moving etc. So I gently placed my hands on her stomach whilst she was curled up on me, and low and behold I could feel movement and kicks. I was amazed - I had no idea you could feel all that! Wow! SO anyway, that was THursday and today is Sunday. I also noticed on Thursday that she has lumps in her nipples but not all. Her middle nipples she has really big long lumps is that normal? She didn't used to have it so I am guessing it is pregnancy related! Her other nipples just have small lumps under them.

I think they are the only indicators I can think of to try and guess how far along she is. Feeling movement and lumpy nipples? But I only discovered them 3 days ago - I have no idea how long they had been there before then! Duh!

Also, my other cat sleeps in her bed, they curl up around each other and groom eachother etc. Do I need to make a separate bed for her to have her kittens? Or will the other cat know when to go away or will she want it there?

THanks in advance for any help/advice...
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Hard to really tell. You could take her to the vet and have them give you a more accurate time frame. Without a picture or more of when she might have mated, it could be anywhere from 2-4 weeks left.

I would start confining her to one room with her own kittening box and quiet starting next week (say she has 2 weeks to go). The other cat will not leave or know he/she is supposed to leave them alone.
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Thanks for the reply. I am going on holiday in 3 weeks and really hoped she would have had them by then, because she trusts me more than my mum who will be with her whilst I am gone.

Her tummy is big but she is a very fluffy cat so she looks bigger than she actually is.
Here are a couple of photo's, she loves rolling over so I can stroke her tummy, she is so sweet..

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Wow! She's really huge! Considering her size, and how they've been moving, I'd say another week most.
Good luck
Keep us posted!
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You also might want to take a small pair of scissors and gently cut away some of the longer fur on the belly so the kittens can nurse better. From the pictures I'd guess she will have them in the next 2 weeks. Looks like at least 5-6 kittens in there!
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Wow, she's big! Here's a pict of Tiara a week or so before birth. She had 5 kittens.

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Thanks for the replies.

I took the advice of trimming the hair on her tummy, her nipples are now clearly visible.
I made her a bed etc up in my bedroom which she has been digging in today.

Last night she was digging around in closets etc, thought maybe the kittens were coming but nope.

She was off her food this morning, but has just eaten some kitten food so is obviously back on it lol.

She is following me around the house today but 9 times out of 10 does that anyway.
Her tummy seems to get bigger every day, is that normal? I have a new pic I will upload later.

Will keep you updated.

Thanks for that photo. it is nice to compare! Sarah does seem quite big, but she is soo fluffy it is hard to tell her actual size just by looking at her you gotta feel her.

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The nesting usually means it's really close! It'll probably be in the next few days...
Good Luck! I hope its soon!
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Thanks, I hope so too!

I gently squeezed Sarah's nipple this morning, and we have milk! Does this mean anything or does that happen at any time?
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I would say that means within the next 24 hours most likely, especially with all the other signs....
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Oh cool, I hope so!! Thank you for your reply!

Here are some more photo's of Sarah, she looks about ready to burst, poor thing..

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Awww, poor thing. She really is big. I bet she has at least 5 kittens. Did you trim the hair on her belly? It looks much shorter.
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HI, yeah I trimmed it, as advised by "GoldenKitty45"... She just rolled over onto her back and let me trim it, she is so trusting it is so sweet. Hope she has them tonight or holds on until tomorrow afternoon as I am at Uni in the morning.. hate leaving her!! Although I am sure she will cope just fine.
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Wow! She's huge!!! She probably has a big litter!
Good luck! I bet the kittens will be adorable!
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By the way, she's a really pretty cat! What's her name?
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Thanks! Her name is Sarah... my little boy chose it (he is 5) and said it was the prettiest name he could think of for her.. bless.

Still no kittens ---- I have noticed some vaginal discharge tonight though - does this mean anything? I don't think she can clean herself down there anymore because the hair around that area seems all scraggly.
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Any time now, with the vaginal discharge. I would say within 24-48 hours. Good luck!!!
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Wow, you must be excited! Keep us updated with picts!
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Oh good luck to you and Sarah. Keller can no longer reach that area either.
Do you know who the father is? She will have beautiful kittens.
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Thats a sure sign! Any time now!
Good luck Sarah!
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The daddy is a black and white short hair.

Ok I am not sure whether to start a new thread, I hope someone will read this. I am really worried I came home tonight and Sarah is bleeding. It is all gunky in the hair around her vagina. Is this a normal part of (possibly the start of) labour? Or is it an emergency? I do not have access to the emergency vet so I will have to take her straight in to the drop in clinic in the morning. She is eating and purring and is happy. I have felt the babies move but her tummy seems smaller. I have looked everywhere and no signs of babies - I thought maybe she had delivered some - stillborn? There are definitely some still in her tummy as I felt them but for sure her tummy is smaller and I thought they only bleed after delivery. What is going on I am so worried and can't find any info on the net. I have no idea what to do before I can get her to a vet...... Please someone help
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I would confine her now to one room. If she had a kitten or two, she wouldn't be away from them under normal circumstances. Just get her into a space she can't get out of, that will eliminate the blood from getting all over your home and will keep her safe.

I don't know about the bleeding prior to birthing, I haven't experienced that myself.

You might want to make a new post regarding this. There are alot of experienced people who can help you.

Good luck and I hope all will go smoothly.
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I don't have much experience in this area, but I didn't see any blood with Goldy until after she had the kittens. It sounds like she may have had one already. As skewch said, confine her to one room with her food, water, litter box, and nesting box.

Another possibility is that she just lost her mucous plug. If she'll let you, clean her up with warm water. That way you can tell if she's actively bleeding.

I thought Goldy's belly had gotten smaller a couple of days before she had her kittens, but it was just that they had dropped and were more underneath her and not sticking out at the sides.

that everything goes well and she has healthy babies soon.
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Thank you so much for your replies! I just called the out of hours vet and she said as long as it is fresh blood (which it is) then it is fine, and to try and get her settled in her box as it is a sign of labour starting.
If nothing happens over night I am to take her for a check up in the morning. She was pretty sure the kittens were getting ready to be born but she has just been eating!?

I also thought maybe she had a kitten but there are a few patches of blood in her bed and that is all. Thank you for the advice of cleaning her up to see if she is actively bleeding, I don't know why I didn't think of that I think I am in panic mode I need to calm down lol.

Thank you again for your replies I really do appreciate it! xx
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If you read some of the recent threads you'll see that some cats quit eating several hours before they deliver, and others eat everything in sight. Not exactly a reliable sign.

Keep us updated when anything happens.
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Good..I'm glad she's alright...keep us updated on how she is!
Come on Sarah!
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I think she may be in labour... she has been following me around all night, room to room - she never does that. Now she has got in her box. she was with me on my bed for a while and I think I could feel her tummy going hard? She hasn't been meowing but she seems very restless bless her. She is out of her box back on my bed now... best go give her some more love.
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We have 2 kittens so far!! omg sweetest moment of my life!!! can feel more in her, the second was born 15 minutes after the first, that was half an hour ago.... will keep updated!
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Ohhh yay!! I can't wait to see pictures I think Keller is next!! At least I hope it is soon!
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3rd baby! so sweeeet!! she moved them to her litter box whilst she delivered the 3rd one in there!! hmm..
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