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Advice for my cat with Tapeworms

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This is my first post here but I was hoping some people could help me out.

On Wednesday my Indoor cat Pan, who is about a year old, wasn't acting like her normal spunky self and tearing the house apart as usual. She was really lethargic and slept all morning. When I would try and pick her up she would growl and scratch me she also didn't like me touching her stomach. I was worried about her so I stayed at home with her for the day. She was sleeping on my bed on her cat blanket and I noticed little rice like things she left on it. I knew that it had to be Tapeworm so I called the vet and made an appointment. They didn't have an opening until Thursday at 4.

She was lethargic all of Wednesday and didn't really eat. She had a little diarrhea on Wednesday too. But on Thursday morning she had a little bit of energy and was eating her treats and some food. I took her to the vet at 4. She was running a slight temp of 103. The vet said that could have been caused from stress from the drive out there and being in a strange place. He gave her shots since she was due and had bloodwork to test her for FIV/FeLV since she was a stray when we found her (test came back negative). He did a regular examine and didn't notice anything wrong except for the tapeworm and a small case of earmites, which we also got medicine for.

That night she was a little lethargic again, I figured it was from the shots. Then this morning she wouldn't move from her sleeping spot and was really lethargic again. She still doesn't want me to touch her belly or pick her up. She'll also make little growling noises or little mews for no reason and her tummy has made some grumbling noises. She also seems to be moving a little slower and a little light footed. We gave her the tapeworm pill today (the doctor wanted us to wait until today because he was worried she'd vomit it up because of her shots).
The doctor seemed a little concerned that she was lethargic and had a fever because those aren't symptoms of tapeworm. So now I am a little worried something else is wrong with her. She has only eaten a little today and hasn't used the bathroom yet (but she's usually an evening pooper).

Could something else be wrong with her? Maybe I am a bit of a worrier and should just wait until the Tapeworm pill takes affect before I call the vet to make another appt.

EDIT @ 6:35 PST- She just finished eating some of her food. not as much as usual but about handful of dry food and she was waiting in the spot she usually gets her treats and ate them. She hasn't eaten her treats in the last few days.

This is pan-
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I think she might have other problems going on... My Bugsy had a pretty bad case of tapeworms, and there was no lethargy, fever, or lack of appetite - the only symptom was really the visible tapeworms segments...
I would definitely call the vet again...
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Doesn't sound like tapeworm to me. In my experience, tapeworm makes them unbelievably ravenous. Did the vet make a follow up appt? Maybe he should xray her stomach or something. I would take her back.
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Tapeworms wouldn't make her lethargic. 103 isn't a very high fever, so that could have just been because she was stressed. Maybe try checking her temp again? (if you have a thermometer for her or are willing to donate yours, :-P). If her temp is normal (anywhere from 100-102, depending on the cat), then you'll know her temp at the vet was just from stress. She could have an infection going on, or if her belly is that sensitive to touch, maybe a blockage of some kind. Is the only BW they ran her FIV/FELV test? Her symptoms don't fit just tapes...I think another visit may be in order. I'd definitely try taking her temp though and go from there.
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This sounds NOTHING like any tapeworm experience we have had, WHICH HAVE BEEN MANY...

My cats are indoor too, which you wouldn't think they would get tapeworms since tapeworms are caused by fleas!

My cat would have an upset tummy, sometimes a very little bit of pain that I noticed, and lose stools.

Sounds like your baby has either an infection or virus going on. I would definately go back, especially if she isn't eating by now.

Good luck to you all!!for a speedy recovery

BEAUTIFUL girl too!!!
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Thanks for your advice everyone, it is all really helpful. Pan seems to be a little better this evening (early morning). She's eaten a lot and has a little more energy and even played a little bit with our other cat, Blue. So maybe it really was just her vaccines and getting her blood drawn that made her feel extra crappy today. I am hoping that she'll keep getting better, but if she's not feeling 100% by monday then I am going to make her another appointment.
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The vaccines frequently cause a cat to be lethargic, even to a scary degree.

However, you said she wasn't feeling good before going to the vet, so she may still have some other problem. All you can really do is keep an eye on her and know where to take her in an emergency.

She's a very pretty kitty, by the way. You are an angel to have saved her from the streets.
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Well today Pan seems to be almost back to normal. She's using the bathroom regularly, eating normally and causing trouble around the house. She might be causing double the trouble since she's been out of the count for a few days. I haven't seen her rough house with the other cat yet, something she normally does but she has been playful with me and she'll let me pick her up and touch her belly again. I'm still keeping a very watchful eye on her though.

Thanks for all your support and advice everyone
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I rescue and foster cats/kittens and almost all of them have tapeworms before being fixed up and none ever had any symptoms like you said your kitty had.I would have her see a vet, even if she is feeling all better.Just to be safe.
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I took Pan back to a different vet today because she was starting to feel really bad again Sunday night. It turns out she has Pyometra so she has to have surgery today around 1 PST. The vet said it was caught in enough time and she is really young and her chances are "very very good". I'm still a nervous wreck and waiting to hear back after the surgery. She was scheduled to get fixed in April when I had some time off of work but I was able to work out some time to stay home with her after she comes home tomorrow.
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So sorry to hear of this diagnosis! Good luck to you and Pan!
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Thank you Motoko.

I just got a call from the vet and Pan came through the surgery just fine The toxins from the infections was still contained to the Uterus. She has to stay overnight for observation and then we get to pick her up and take her home tomorrow afternoon.
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WOW! Thank God you took her in! That's a dangerous disease! She is so young to have it though... Poor baby!
Vibes and more vibes for a complete and speedy recovery!
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Glad to know her surgery went well! And good for you for being so watchful and concerned with your baby! You probably saved her life. Once a pyometra ruptures...well, it's not good news.
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Glad to hear she's doing well from the surgery and so glad that you took her for a second opinion. Way to go, meowmy!! Did you bring her home yet? How's she doing today?
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Thank you everyone for your support and well wishes

I talked to the vet about an hour ago and they said she was doing well. Her fever is gone and she has been eating. I get to pick her up at 2:00 and take her home I can't wait to see my little baby and can't wait for her to get back to her troublemaking self!
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Originally Posted by JamieR View Post
Thank you everyone for your support and well wishes

I talked to the vet about an hour ago and they said she was doing well. Her fever is gone and she has been eating. I get to pick her up at 2:00 and take her home I can't wait to see my little baby and can't wait for her to get back to her troublemaking self!
So, did you pick her up? How's she doing??
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Pan is home now
She seems so much better. I'm supposed to keep her from jumping and playing too hard for the next few days. I can already tell that this is going to be a chore! She's already trying to get into trouble around the house. Right now she is watching the birds outside of my bedroom window. She has to be on painkillers for the next 4 days. The stitches will dissolve so thankfully she doesn't have to go on a car ride again (she is terrified of them) to the vet.

Thank you all for your advice and support. I'm so glad I took her to a different vet. I am never going back to my old vet and all my pets will be going to this new clinic from now on. They have such a friendly staff and really good doctors.
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You might want to invest in a large dog crate to contain her and keep her from jumping and being so active. Also, if she starts licking her incision, you can always put the top of a tube sock around her. Just cut the foot part off, then stick it over her back feet and tail and place it around her middle. She'll look funny, but won't be able to get to the incision.
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