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How long to wait before a new cat?

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Kitty died yesterday (stomach cancer had spread to intestines) It was and is a horrible time. I allowed Stubby (my young Manx) to watch the procedure and then sniff the body. Stubby is wandering round crying nd not eating much, but so am I. How long should I wait?
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IMO there is no "wait time". Your kitty is over the bridge playing happily with the animals we have lost and who are waiting to be reunited with us.

You will not replace your kitty as you have special memories.

Giving another kitty a good and forever home would be a wonderful thing and there are lots of them out there looking for a human to take them home and love them, spoil them, and spend time with them.

You have the love in your heart for another kitty so get one whenever you feel like you are ready whether that is today or next week or whatever.

I waited about 6 weeks after we lost Simba to get Bijou but most of that wait was because we were in the midst of moving (Simba died one week before we moved).
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I don't think there is a specific time you should wait.Whenever your heart is ready for another kity is when it is time to get another one.Your not replacing your kitty you lost!your giving another cat a chance to have a furever home.
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The only right time, is when you feel ready

Sometimes you will meet a kitty that does the deciding for you
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No new cat will fill the hole left by Kitty, but you will have to decide when you can love another one. Immediately is not too soon. But there are always kitties at the shelter on their last day on earth, and who knows if the right one for you will be put to sleep today?
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I'm very sorry you lost your dear Kitty to cancer. I can relate. I had to let my precious kitty Taco "go" on Feb 10. He'd been battling recurring fibrosarcoma since September (2 previous lump removal surgeries were unsuccessful). His scruff tumors had gotten to the point where they were protruding through his skin and were draining fluid and blood and for the last 2 days of his life he finally started to appear uncomfortable so I just had to make the choice. I'd had him for nearly 16 yrs, from the time he was 8 wks old. He'd been with me through a marriage, divorce, thick and thin. On Feb 14 I checked out the local Human Society website and saw a pic of a dear orange male (so was Taco, orange), only a year old. I adopted him that day and he's been a real hoot. he's surely not a replacement of Taco, could never be.........but he's been a welcome 'distraction' for Taco's passing was very difficult. The new guy, Hobee, he's so full of spunk and friskiness, always clowning around.

Also, I feared that Taco's little buddy "Cleo" would be very lost without him; you see, they had been inseparable for years; always sleeping together, snuggled up. where you'd find one, you'd find the other. She's about 13 yrs herself. I feared she'd be very lonely without him as she's never really been too close to my other 3 females. I got Hobee hoping she'd "adopt" him and they'd be new buddies. It's funny; she took to him immediately....very fascinated by him, always following him around........and lately I'll see her rub up against him, all friendly like, just the way she did with Taco (he doesn't see to care but she likes him!) She's never really been very social with my other females; a little standoffish or a bit of a sh*t disturber (LOL)...but she loved Taco and now really likes Hobee so she must have a thing for males, or maybe orange males?

It made me feel real good to 'save a life'. So whenever you feel ready, go for it.
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Whenever you feel ready is the 'right' time. If you want to go to the humane society tomorrow to look for a cat to join your family, don't feel guilty. If you want to wait years, don't feel guilty.

If and when you do adopt a new kitty, keep it separate from Stubby for a while so they can have a slow introduction.

I'm sorry about the loss of your kitty
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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

If you are asking the question already, then you may be ready now. The shelters will be filling up very soon with the spring kitten season. Some of the older cats will be euthanized to make room for them. It may be a fine time to help everyone in your house heal from your loss.
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Sorry about your cat.
There is no set time to get another cat.

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I am so sorry for your loss. This is such a hard process to go through. There is no set time. Be kind to yourself and listen to your heart.

All of my cats have found me. I lost my precious Casey in October and Buddy came along the next month. He is nothing like Casey - either in looks or in temperament - but I personally think that is a good thing because I spend no time comparing them! Buddy is a very confident "bruiser" sort of boy who is fairly independent but has his "cuddly" moments too. He is young and crazy and full of himself. Casey had a much milder personality; he was quiet and very sweet. But I still believe Casey "sent" Buddy in our direction - I do believe that happens!

I agree that now is a busy time for all shelters and rescues. My personal preference would be a slightly older cat; everyone seems to want kittens - they are the cutest things on four paws!!! - but an older cat is great for so many reasons. And you would be saving a life for sure. Just a thought.
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I usually give myself some time to focus on grieving when I lose apet. I mean I know some people will think getting a new one immediately will be a nice distraction, but i don't really want to be distracted, I want to have time to think about my lost pet ...It's all up to you..if you see a cat that you fall in love with, you should get it no matter how soon...
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It was gut wrenching to lose Kitty, and listening to Stubby walk around crying was more than I can handle. I manage a feral cat colony and my feral friends told me that when a cat is having that much difficulty coping, get a new cat. I did!! I got a beautiful tortoise kitty we named Puss Kitty (hubby named her...). She is approx 6 mons, spayed and lovable ( a rescue). A miracle happened. I brought her in and placed her on my screened porch. Stubby got to smell her and greet her thru the big window. I then placed Puss in a crate on the porch and allowed Stubby out. There was absolutely NO hissing (initially). Stubby licked Puss through the crate and Puss allowed Stubb to smell. (I left the dogs in their crates at this point inside). After an hour, I let Puss out with Stubby. They sniffed and Puss tried to hide behind a plant. She eventually came out and was a little hissy, but still allowed Stubby to investigate. Puss ate, peed and pooped and all looked well. I separated them for sleep but Stubby started wailing t 4:30 am. I moved Stubby in with Puss and after sitting with them for 30 minutes, both were purring nd ready to go back to sleep. Today I let the dogs meet Puss. The dogs sniffed her and then went back to napping and Puss cleaned her paws during the entire intro. I really think Kitty is in heaven guiding all of this. i always thought she was my furry angle. Every time I look in the clouds I see her and my beloved dog Razzle.
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I am glad you got another cat and its going well.
After my Patches died we found so many ferals and Stripe I kept.
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What a great story. Sounds like it was meant to be.

I'm very sorry for your loss , but very happy about your gain!

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sorry about Kitty. But it does sound like your new addition is purrfect. I'm happy for you and your family.
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I think Kitty was working up there to give some other deserving kitty some of the love she had enjoyed - what do they say? The heart can only grow larger when you have more to love? Best wishes to all of you.
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Originally Posted by darlili View Post
I think Kitty was working up there to give some other deserving kitty some of the love she had enjoyed - what do they say? The heart can only grow larger when you have more to love? Best wishes to all of you.
i agree - congrats on your new love!
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So glad you have a new furbaby. It sounds like a match made (literally) in heaven!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
So glad you have a new furbaby. It sounds like a match made (literally) in heaven!
Doesn't it just!!
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