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Chances are strong that these cats are not true "ferals" but rather the offsprings of someone's neglected pets. If they stay in full view, lay on your porch and don't flee completely when you go outside, there is a strong chance that once trapped, neutered and returned, you will have three grateful cats that won't leave your yard for long periods of time.

You should have them spayed if they are female because more than likely they are pregnant. Your vet will decide if the spay is safe or not, but won't be able to determine that until after the cat has been sedated to be examined. Also, ask them to look for chips- you might be surprised to find that one of these is a lost pet that wandered off and got lost. Any cat outside for long periods of time will revert back to the ways of their ancestors, the feral cat in order to survive.

And "Cat" this is for you- you apparently have never been involved in active rescue where you find yourself with a lapful of kittens to weak to move, to diseased to live or carrying infection that will take their life in a matter of days or weeks. I have- I could tell you stories that would curl your hair and destroy your heart. That is the REALITY of rescue of strays and ferals and I have been doing this work privately now over 30 years. When someone lets their cat in heat outside because the meowing and posturing is driving the owner crazy, that cat is gone in 60 seconds to mate. She can be mated with more than one tomcat and carry up to three litters at a time. When the first litter is due to be born, all others are pushed out at the same time. It can make a real health issue of premies, and genetic problems and all sorts of problems. Unlike the ethical breeders who allow their cats to mate with approved toms where they have studied the bloodlines, the genetic issues etc and are looking to improve the breed- strays or cats let outside aren't controlled, they mate, they mate hard and some even get injured in the intensity.

Asking a vet to spay is the responsible action for strays. There are too many cats out there that are still having kittens and once you have a kitten die in the palm of your hand, trust me, you never forget it and it brings you to the realization that not all kittens need to be born and some should never have been conceived. That is the reality in my world, and I think you should be grateful you have never experienced what myself, Laurie or Amy and other rescuers have dealt with in our lives. It changes your life forever-