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What breed is my new cat lol

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Well about a month ago i found this little guy it was quite cold so he ran straight into my house, so i fed him etc... so then i went around my neighborhood asking who it could be and no one had any idea -.- so after awhile i just took him as my own pet cause he was quite young maybe 4-5 months at the time... took him to the vet got him shots etc he was filled with mites.... vet said he had prob been on his own for alittle while anyways so far i have looked around and it seems to be a russian blue... but i am not sure o.o so id like someone else's opinion.

also if u need a better picture i can get one, his fur is fully dark gray just seems kinda silver cause of the light i guess... and the brown around his eye is blood... my other cat and him kinda got into a fight when they first met and ieve been trying to get the blood off his furr ever sense -.- he wont stand still... lol

personality so far: very affectionate pretty much only hangs out with me and follows me everywhere, kinda shy sometimes and he gets scared from almost anything... move ur hand infront of him sometimes and he gets freaked out lol... and very playful when hes in the mood to play.... which is almost anytime my other cat is in the house they go crazy.

ill post better picture in a moment.

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Can't see the picture... I will try to post it again to see if it works.

Ok - it works
It is a pretty pretty kitty... I am not sure if it is a Russian Blue or not - the picture is quite small...
Congrats on new new kitty!
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I am assuming the brown on the face is from the light?
He can be a Russian, but without papers, you will never know... He is so beautiful!
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the brown is dry blood >_< trying to get it off cat got in a fight first meeting but next day they were really nice to each other he got a cut under his eye.. thank god not his eye lol. but here are some more pictures.

heres a couple

and here u can see where he got cut >_< near his eye
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looks like a dsh to me. RB's have bright green eyes and a different face shape.

I hope his cut has healed up, he's a cute boy
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His coat looks pretty similar, but he is missing the green eyes...
I think he might be a Russia Blue mix, but not a purebred.
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Was gonna guess a Russian Blu mix too. He is handsome.
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Yeah thanks everyone im pretty sure that it is it now, he has yellowish eyes sorta doesnt he, around his pupils its a dark green color
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