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chatty chatty kitty

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My cat Sammie is just over a year old, she is a great cat. But I have noticed she is very very VERY vocal. She meows all the time, and when you go to pet her she yowels. It sounds like is in pain. Screeches like you are pulling her tail out. But she is fine, purring, rubbing on your leg. At first it was cute...but now it is getting me annoyed, also a little worried. She has been spayed and everything, so she is not in heat. Any answers??
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Some cats are just vocal... Lucky is like that, while my Bugsy might as well be mute/deaf (on normal circumstances - take him to the vet a Pavarotti takes over!)
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My aunt & uncle had a cat like that when I was a kid. Here is an example.. *ahem*..

meowpurrpurrmeowmeowmeowmeowYOOOOOOWWWWLLLLmeowmeowmeowmeowyowlmeow x100.

Is that right? Some cats just love to talk! If she's not being destructive, engaging in any obsessive behavior, etc., then she just loves to tell you how much she loves you!
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I have 2 cats that talk nonstop!!lol and also whine alot too Nemo is my talker and whiner, and Mischief is just a talker ( although not as much as Nemo) Nemo talks and whines nonstop he lets you know how he feels 24/7!
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I think that is quite adorable! Does she respond to you if you talk to her?
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its is halarious. I can talk to her !! Its like she understands me
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One of the kittens we just adopted almost 2 months ago is starting to turn into a really vocal cat, too...which is really cute during the day but at night it is driving us NUTS. Also, we have one cat-free room because my husband is allergic, if we go in there she will sit outside and meow or yowl nonstop.

Is this just a learn to live with thing? I haven't gotten a full night's sleep since they started their nighttime talking and demanding love insistently at 2 am.
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MY kitty is very vocal too! She talks to me when my fiance isn't home, which helps both of us.. and since Fizzle ran away the other day BA is a lot more vocal, and she "attacks" me more.
Oh, and I read someone elses thingy about her cat whining when she left, well BA does that too ever since Fiz left
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Cammy is like that. She's not afraid to tell you her opinion. lol
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My Lili walks around chirping and making all sorts of crazy noises and now Thandor has caught on. Sometimes she does it with meows and purrs talking to me, sometimes while chasing little toy mice and also while walking down the hall. I love it because she sounds so happy and is getting the others talking
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Nora is a huge talker. I thought Gus was, but he was nothing compared to Nora. She talks almost non stop. I just talk back. lol
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Yuki tends to be very quite, untill its time for me to leave (thats when she starts) and when I turn out the lights and slip into bed. Bed time is the WORST, lol. She sits on the desk beside the bed and looks down at me and starts having a conversation with me. If I dont answer, she jumps down and cuddles and knows what time it is
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