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i honestly cannot be sure if my cat is pregnant.
her stomach like goes outward.
and her nipples are hard and big
does anyone have some pregnant cat pictures that i can look at?
like what do their nipples look like an other stuff?
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If she's not spayed and has been outdoors or around an intact male, it's quite likely she is pregnant. A round stomach can also be a sign of worms, either way a trip to the vet is a good idea.
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She sounds like she's pregnant to me. If her belly is hard and her nipples are large and reddish colored, I'd say yes! I've raised 2 litters, and the mama cat had a very hard belly ect. both times. Make sure to find all the kittens good homes when they're old enough. Putting an ad in the paper is a good way to find them homes. We found 5 kittens all a home over the weekend that way. Besides, animal shelters are overcrowded with kittens whp get dumped off there and decreases the chance that your kittens will find homes. Congrats on the expected arrivals!
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