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Before I left I wrote about my new kitten Spirit. She's now 5 months old and such a troublemaker! But its hard to stay mad when she curls up on your shoulder and purrs. These aren't the best pictures, but they sure are better then I had before! I love her coloring myself...

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How could you possibly stay mad at a cutie pie like that? Madness only lasts for a while in my house. After the yelling is over, things get back to normal.
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Very beautiful kittiy!! She looks like 3 of mine!!

What is up with her eye?
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Originally Posted by Punkygirl0101 View Post
Very beautiful kittiy!! She looks like 3 of mine!!

What is up with her eye?
thank you ^_^.

The poor kitten was found on the side on the road when she was 7 weeks old and her eyes were so bad they didn't think she was going to be able to open them and be able to see. But lucky after alot of eye drops she is almost normal. We treated her when we first got her, but after 2 months the right eye started looking bad again. We just finished up the eye drops and are going in to the vets tomorrow for a check up. The bad thing is they can't spray her until she's all the way better and she's starting to show signs of going into heat....
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She is so pretty! I love her coloring
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Ahh so little and cute.. love the baby blues. My Reese had a stubborn eye problem when I first got her too.. the shelter insisted it was a virus, and not chlamydia but when they finally tried the medication for chlamydia, it went away in about 2 days.. hmm.
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So fluffy and cute! Welcome back.
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She is a cutie!! My Oedi is like that, he has one bad eye, I'm pretty sure he's blind in it, but it doesn't stop him! She looks like she's giving you the stink eye
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She's a beauty, she is! Her colouring is very like my Fawn's at that age, right down to those ice blue eyes. Her fur will probably darken some as she gets older, but still be really pretty.
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Hi Othie!!!
You are back! About time!
I am so glad you now have your kitten, and she is getting healthier by the day!
Congrats, and don't disappear again!
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Wow she's so gorgeous. her eyes continue to improve!
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Thanks everyone, and your right katiemae127, it does look like that , I promise carolinalima, as long as nothing major happens I'll be around for awhile, I miss everyone here at the cat forums!
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Oh my gosh, talk about tugging at your heart strings.. she is adorable!! And she does NOT look like a trouble maker! I wouldn't have known just by looking at her, so she's a little con artist too, hmm? Lots of 's to her!!
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OMG-she looks SO much like my Bella when she was a kitten:

Bella is a bit darker now... They are pretty princess twins! LOL!

She is cuteeee! Quit lieing on her, she would NEVER do any wrong,
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