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carpet smells like cat urine. HELP!

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I have a very unhappy cat that I'm doing all I can for (long story), but she doesn't like to share a litter box with the other cat. We are working on this problem, but the problem I would like to ask about today is how do I get the urine smell out of my carpet. The entire carpet..not just one or two spots.

I had to throw out all my furniture and get new furniture. I sprinkled all the "pet odor" products and vacuumed it still didn't work.. then, I rented a steam cleaner and completely cleaned the carpets..didn't work..

Does anyone know of a product that will clean the entire carpet and get rid of the urine smell?

Please help.. my house smells like cat urine..I have young kids and I don't even want them to play on the floor. The furniture was quite an expense.. I would like to avoid having to replace the carpet as well..

Thanks in advance!
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I believe you should be realistic and value you children more than you are noe valuing the dog and the cat (notice the order of appearance when you cited the three!!) Please do no taKe me wrong, OK?
suggestion number two: have you carpet taken to the laundry and lock repeat lock the cat in a small room with litter, food and water and leave it there until she learns where to pea. Do simply hit thew cat with a newspaper bundle, just to scare it, and sayu NO!!! a few times and at the same time make her smell the wrondoing. Them, take the cat to the room or sepoartate area I justy mentioned and leave it there. If it simply just not work, I think you should get rid of the cat to make your life and your children´s healthier, Love, Santiago
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Maybe you can tell us a little more about the cat's issues. There is a product called NOKOUT that is wonderful for odor elimination. You can rent a steam cleaner and mix it in. It neutralizes all odors. You can find it at
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I am having trouble understanding why you had to throw the furniture out. Was the cat peeing on that as well? I know what you are going through. We had a cat a long time ago and he turned our house into a giant kitty litter. We couldnt cure him. He is now a farm cat.
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Is the cat declawed?
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The enzyme cleaner called Pheremone Magic did the trick for me. Good Luck
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First of all, DO NOT hit your cat or put her face in the spot. She is a cat, not a dog. And even then, hitting is not a good way to start a trusting relationship. I had the exact same problem. There are carpet cleaning companies that specialize in pet odors and stains. Check your phone book and call around. If they can't get it out the first time, they usually come back again, at no charge. Make sure that you ask them this first before you choose them.

If you don't want to hire a carpet cleaning company, you can also use a product called Nature's Choice. This takes two weeks to work. Depending on how large your area is, mines was HUGE, you need to pour it on the stain to saturate the padding, as well. It takes two weeks to dry, so cover the area, if you cannot isolate it, with aluminum foil poked with holes, and if needed, spray lightly with cat repellant. You also need to keep your cat in one room, with a litter box for about two weeks. Total isolation seems cruel, but I visited my cat frequently and only let her out if I could directly supervise. When she would return to the spot and sniff, then take the squatting position, I immediately picker her up and put her back into the room. I used the bathroom, bare floors, only her bed, litter box and water. If she free feeds, put food, but as far away from the box as possible.

If it's really bad, you need a carpet company to come and pull up the carpet and clean or replace the padding first. Then,they can clean under and over the carpet.

When I was at the shelter to adopt my cats, the most common reason for giving animals up was behavior. Please try everything you can before you think about giving her up. I see it as my child, if she misbehaves and I don't work on it, I wouldn't give her up, so why do the same thing you our pets, who are also family members?

P.S. You should have at least one box per cat, cleaned daily.
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