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hi everyone!

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long time no type..I know I havent' been around issues..and of course..trying to take turns on the computer at home. i've been busy at work but now things are slowing down. I plan on buying myself a I don't have to kick him off the computer...
even though its mine...
lets see what else have I been up to? I've started dabbling in 3d art ..and have started to create some images..still learning through and they aren't perfect yet..but i'll get there..especially if I get a laptop...
I will post a few rendered images here...
I've been using daz 3d....
which is a free program..they make money off of the items you buy for it.

she's done in daz 3d

a confused troll...
you might notice that my works are darker..hence the name mistress of the dark...
like this one...the building is a building here in winnipeg..used as a backdrop....
but of course I changed it first..then added her the photo.

so..theres a few for you.:-)
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Hello stranger! They look fab!!
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thanks my have you been? whats new? I will take some new photos of all 3 of my babies soon. oh and I think by summer..i'll have a new camera :-)
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Hey stranger!

Nice images!

I use Poser, which is a commercial program. I have a whole gallery of images, but I can't post the link here. If anyone wants to see my gallery, send me a PM and I'll give you the link.
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Hi CherylWelcome back.

Great job on those images.
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Hello love the confused troll.
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That first pic, is that you? Wooohooo!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

That first pic, is that you? Wooohooo!
lol ya sure...nooooo
too funny..
thanks everyone..I'll be posting more images and stuff soon ;-)
I see no one guessed on the tough trivia
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Oh I love your tough trivia must have missed that one
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