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Isys - my new furbaby <3 - pix sharing time!

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Just thought i would share some pix of Isys. So now, i have three kitties..

Isys is a ruddy Abyssinian. Extremely affectionate, Isys loves to knead and purr.

Isys flips over catnip pillows:

Sitty pretty in her new bed:

Here is a headshot:

A precious moment:

In her new bed:

Simply Isys:

Smiles and Cheers!
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Wow! She is so beautiful! My daughters boyfriend has an abby and he is very sweet and talks alot! Just beautiful!!!
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She's such a pretty girl!
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She's so pretty! She looks like a Lynx a friend of mine used to have. She looks really affectionate too.
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I love Aby's, the colouring is amazing! Very cute! If I ever get another cat I would love to get an Aby from a rescue association.

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Shirley, Isys is beautiful!

I have a tawny Aby called Coco.
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Wow, Congrats on getting another kitten Shirley!.. She's beautiful : ..
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She is beautiful!!!
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very photogenic!
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She is beautiful!! Love those ears.
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Congrats Shirley, Isys is just gorgeous!! How are Venus and Daisy accepting her?
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I didn't realize you were getting another furkid? Congrats! She is a beauty!
How are the other two handling her being part of the family? Good I hope!
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She is beautiful! I have a Snowshoe kitten named Isis, it seems to be getting really popular!
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What a cutie! I too love her ears!
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Oh, thanks to all of you who are so genuine, sweet and kind. You are lovely!! I truly, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate beautiful you.

I will print these pages to be retained in my “precious moments†folder. :flash:

To answer some of the questions:

Erika: Isys is truly very affectionate! She likes to knead and purr at the same time. She can knead for hours. I was feeling kind of bad for her for moving her fore legs so much, that I gave her mini leg massages!

Kass: Yes, I think it would be great if you have an Aby as well. : Isys is a retired from her breeding days.

She was so excited the first time she ate the trout feast:

Tania: Oh, how cute is Coco is!! Thanks for sharing the pix.

Amy and Shell: Isys accepts Daisy more than Venus. Somehow, all the kitties I bring home like to pounce their paws at Venus.

Isys is separated from Daisy and Venus for now. Sometimes, Daisy goes in the room to hang out a little, and it did not bother Isys much. I place some of Daisy’s and Venus’ toys to let her get acclimated to their smells.

Here is a pix of her in their cave bed. She just had breakfast, and was relaxing a little in the cave bed, pretty relaxed with the catnip pouch.

The postcard is from Angel (AngelzOO) and the kitty stone is from Angel as well. We all love her card and gift!

Isys in cat tunnel:

Jenn: Yeah, this little damsel has large ears – to ear better with!!! Teehee!!

I was brushing Isys with a curry brush. She has pretty short hair. I feel that brushing her with a curry brush is most ideal.

Smiles and Cheers!
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Shirley, she is truly beautiful! How old is she?
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I love Abbys. Their faces look like little cougars. Verry pretty
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Tania, she is slightly over a year old. i am waiting for her papers to be sent to me, together with her medical records.

i have to make a doc appointment to get her spayed, microchipped, etc.
Her breeding days are over.

Smiles and Cheers!
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Shirley, she seems pretty young to have had kittens already with a breeder. I'm sure she'll be happier and healthier after her spay. Coco is just over a year old too. I think Isys and Coco are actually the same colour, we just use different terms.
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Tania, Linda (the breeder) told her her exact date of birth once, but i forgot. Oops! i am sure i will know pretty soon.

This little toddler just ADORES catnip pouches!! She flips over this catnip "sausage" which contains fresh catnip:

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I was thinking of getting an Abby, but read that they "need a lot of room". Since I live in an apartment, I thought I didn't have enough room for one.
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Oh my goodness, she is GORGEOUS! It's good to know she will be retiring from breeding. She deserves to just be a "lady of leisure"! Can't wait to see a picture of all 3 of your kitties cuddled up.
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Hi Felicia's Mom - i am not aware that Abyssinian kitties need a lot of room. Perhaps if you have just one, it is okay? Isys is in a bedroom now, and she seems pretty content.

Angela: Hi there! - i looked out for you at the last cat show, but i did not see you there. Hope to see you one of these days, Angela.... crossing the Bay bridge should not be a problem for me. i like Jack London's Square. Possibly lunch there or something?

Smiles and hugs!

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How did I miss this?????

Isys is BEAUTIFUL!!! Very stunning little face, and such petite little legs.

Congrats on your new addition Shirley! I'm positive Isys will be very happy with you, Daisy and Venus for many years to come.
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Isys is a very pretty little lady... Shirley Venus and Daisy'll get used to her in no time flat.
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For three days (or even more -)I didn't see this!!!
I love Isys, she's so adorable!! I love short hair cats... But I love long hair too! I just love cats!!!!

Shirley - congrats on your new furry sweetheart! let us know how it goes with the other ladies...
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Wowieeeee! Please post more pictures! She is just goregeous.
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Absolutly Gorgeous!
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