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The letter to Debby

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Did this get sent out to her that we had posted up to her last week??? Anyone heard from her yet?? I hope she is alright...I know it is hard for her probably but I thought maybe someone may have heard from her..
Thinking of you Debby!
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I had spoken to Debby fairly soon after she lost Merlin and needless to say, she was devastated. I had sent her some stuff and she called me when she received it and said she was doing a little bit better. The other night (I think it was a day ago or so) I received an email stating she had quickly visited this site and read a few of the posts and found it a bit too difficult (understandably) and will try again in the future. She just needs time to get her bearings. Anytime we lose a beloved member of our family, whether they be furry or not, it is such a very difficult thing to get through and we all have to deal with it in our own ways. Debby knows that all at the Cat Site are feeling her pain and supporting her all the way. I know Hissy had let her know and I also informed her that many people love and miss her on the site and our hearts are with her at her time of loss.
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I can totally understand why...I just hadn't heard anything....I could only imagine the pain she is went through and is still going through....thanks for replying Sandi!
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You're very welcome If I hear anything more, I'll let you know.
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I talked with her yesterday. She isn't quite ready to make an appearance yet, and when she does come back, she says it will be on a limited basis. In other words, she will stop answering to every thread in the Lounge.

She is doing alright though, and thanks everyone for their kind words and thoughts. She just wants to move on and get past this, and that will take time.
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I got an email from her yesterday. She said that she's got bronchitis and stayed home from work. She thought she'd be brave and tackle the loads of emails she has.

She didn't say much, but she appreciated all the sweet words of encouragement everyone gave her. Other than being sick, she's hanging in there. It will definitely take a lot of time to heal her wounds. It's just a sad situation and it's hard for all of us since we aren't their physically to support her. But she knows that everyone is thinking of her and it means a lot to her.
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Debby has Merlin's picture in her signature, and everytime she posts she will be reminded of him all over again. Maybe a different signature would help her get past this...
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I'm so glad Debby is on the way to healing, if only a little bit each day. I think it'll take so much pressure off if she doesn't feel she has to answer every thread.

Hang in there Debby, cobber. We're thinking of you. And get well soon.
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