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Frankie is eating more today, he is listening to things around him.
I've begun to give electrolights in his food as we are having a hard time injecting fluid under his skin.

He has been having seizures the last couple of days, but they are down to facial twitches and blinking.

I am keeping him in with the rest of the litter to keep him warm. I've run out of the warmers for the snuggle kitty and we are out of funds.

Thanks again for all your prayers!
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What is a snuggle kitty and how much do the warmers cost?
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A snuggle kitty is a stuffed animal with a heartbeat to comfort the kitty. I do not know what they cost but, the number is 1-800-463-4107. Frankie has been very content with his surrogate mom.
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Ahh...I looked it up via a google search. Saw the Snuggle Kitty, but nobody seems to sell the warmers. I was going to see if I could find a good deal on them for you.

Frankie is an adorable little boy. We are both sending all sorts of prayers for him. Here is a prayer to Bast for an injured or sick cat that I found online and thought I'd share:

Prayer to Bast for a Sick Cat

"Great Lady of the Cats,
I call upon your sleek form to aid me.
Your child is ill here in my arms.
Come to us and bathe your child
with your tongue and heal his wounds.

Heal his nose and mouth,
so he may breathe and taste.
Heal his teeth and claws,
so he may hunt and eat.
Heal his eyes and ears,
so he may know the world.

Heal all those things that let him digest,
So he can grown healthy.
Heal his heart, lungs and legs,
so that he may travel on.

Heal his skin and fur,
so he may show beauty.
Heal his bones and joints,
so he can play again.
Heal his tongue,
so he can heal his brothers and sisters"
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Thank you for the beautiful prayer. We will light candles tonight and pray with him. Thanks for all your support.
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Your little kitten is in my thoughts! Hope he gets better and recovers soon!
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Frankie is doing so well most of the time. The seizures seem to wear him down and he sleeps alot. He is going to need a special home, so we will most likely have him here a long time. With the improvments he has made so far I'm sure he will be nearly normal when the swelling goes all the way down.
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Love to Frankie from Simba, Samba, Princess, Punkin', Holly, Tinka, Brody, Chrissie, SusieQ, Kaycee, Max, Mindy and Bootsi. We will say our prayers for him.
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Me, Princess Cutie & Sassy and Sparky ( and Princey Q's Babies ) Want you to get better Franky !!! Meow kisses!!

Hoping that little Franky gets to act & Feel more like a real kitten soon and not be in any pain..
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Teresa, I really hope the little guy pulls through. I thought about him earlier today and was happy to see the update and that he's doing better. I think we're all rooting for a full recovery for Frankie.
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Oh, my.. I hope the little guy pulls through. You've got my hopes.
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Frankie, I am still thinking of you sweetheart!!! Please keep on being the strong little fighter you are for your mommy!! (((HUGS)))
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Poor little kitty, it breaks my heart to hear of a story such as this one. Here's warm thoughts and prayers out to Frankie
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Teresa, I found a link to a place selling Snugglekitty heat refills for $1.50 each!!!!

How is the little guy doing?
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Wow thank you so very much!!!!!

Frankie seems to be more aware of his suroundings and is eating much better. I still have to syringe feed him, and he sleeps most of the day.

His brother and sisters play with him very gently as if they know he is having problems. I believe the stimulation is good for his brain and keeps it from shutting down. One of his sisters cuddles him and keeps close to him as if she is his protector.

He seemed to taste the nasty meds today and tried to spit them out and began to drool. This is great as he had been eating it without a response for the last couple of days.

He didn't have any seizures at all today.... So far so good!

Thanks everyone! I will keep posting until he is done with his meds and the vet gives us a thumbs up.

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Hearing his positive progress is really uplifting. We are all pulling for the little guy! Go Frankie!
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I shared your post with my friend who is a vet tech. She tried to respond but had problems so she wanted me to pass this on to you:

"In any event, it appears Dragonlady is doing what is expected. If she has further problems, don't hesitate to send here here for additional help if needed.

Just would caution one thing, the seizure activity. While it appears they are reducing and not violent episodes, she needs to followup with her vet to make absolutely certain further neurological deficits are not developing or progressing.

Lastly, encourage her not to give up. It could take months for her kitten to show even minimal signs of improvement, but with each day of even the slightest hint of improvement is an excellent sign. He may never regain total mobility, may have some lasting effects, but its entirely possible he can manage just fine. Physical therapy can help and as importantly, stimulation. The brain is a very complex organ and requires stimulation to heal, her kitten needs stimulation in order to recognize things, learn again, and to bond with his mistress for comfort, safety and security, even bonding with the other cats in the home.

I've worked with many trauma cases just like her kitten, the key is patience, therapy, bonding, comittment, and encouragement. I do recommend a followup soon, and of course monitorizatin during his growth stage, very very important. I realize costs are an issue now, but in the developmental stages, it's always best to monitor.

Hope this helps..............Traci"

Here is here:

Help For Cats
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M.A. and Traci

I just got back from the vet who is amazed at how well Frankie is doing. He may end up blind.. only time will tell. I am hoping by the end of the week he will be eating by himself. This will be a tremendous development. He can stop all meds in 2 days. I will continue the eye ointment until he blinks more often.

I will post a photo of Frankie tomorrow, but don't laugh. He has this Elvis hairdo as I don't want to touch the ouchie under the skin on his forehead.

All of you guys are working a huge miracle! Thank you for all the love and support all of you have given us!
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If he only ends up blind that will be a miracle upon itself. He might not be a great show cat, but I am sure with all this love and affection he will develop into a very wonderful pet.
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Aww... I'm glad to hear of the little foofer's progress! Keep us posted!
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I'm glad he's doing better. Hurrah for the little one!
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Thank God for you and bless you!

I'm relieved to hear Frankie's progress is still moving forward and it seems he may eventually put this all behind him.

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I am so glad to hear little Frankie is doing better. How is your son doing? I don't know how old he is, but hopefully he realizes it was an accident and isn't being too hard on himself.

My stepson recently stepped on my cat's paw, and the cat rather ferociously defended himself. But my stepson still felt pretty bad, since the cat's paw was hurt during the exchange, including two broken and bloodied claws and a trip to the vet.

Well, little Frankie is in my thoughts every day, thanks for keeping us posted and I hope he makes a good recovery. He sounds like a special little guy.
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i am so sorry to hear about your cat. i will keep you in my prayers and i pray everthing goes well. good luck and stay strong.
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Frankie is eating from a dish!!!!!! He just stuck his head in with the siblings and chowed down! Hurrah! No more syringes!! I know he will be his old fat sassy self in no time!
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Eating by yourself is a messy business!!!!!
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CHOW DOWN!! Move over Onyx!!
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That is so great!!! I hope Frankie continues to progress, and quickly! What a sweet little guy.
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I feel so bad for the little guy, thank God, he's got a great Mommy!

Sending warm wishes and thoughts your way.
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