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Kitten stepped on!!!!

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We just got back from the vet and it doesn't look good. The head has some fluid under the skin and we just cannot afford to do everything they want to do. We have brought him home. He is reacting to stimulas, like licking his lips if you touch them. He doesn't open or close his eyes so we are making sure they close to keep them moist. He is with the snuggle kitty right now.

I will be trying to get him to eat some watered down chicken baby food tomorrow morning. Tonight all he gets is watered down Karo syrup.

Please send good thoughts for Frankie. He is only 5 weeks old, and needs your thoughts and prayers.
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Oh, of course Frankie is in our prayers. I'm so sorry to hear about this. You must be beside yourself as well. I hope you have good luck with getting him to eat something.

Good thoughts and many prayers headed your way.
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Poor Frankie please get better for your momma!! Sending positive vibes your way!!
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Special healing thoughts and prayers are on the way for Frankie. Teresa, accidents happen so fast, and they can happen to anyone...
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Poor lil guy! I really hope that he gets better! Sounds like a pretty scary situation...I'm sure you're worried sick!

Sending healing vibes to lil Frankie and big hugs to you Teresa!
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this exact thing happened to my grandparents 5 day old kittens, ( to only one of them though) my grandpa stepped on the one, because hes basically blind.. expecially in the dark when this happened ( Hes 275 pounds so I dont think it was a soft touch.. ) And the kitten was paralyzed, and ended up dying on the table.. I miss that kitten he was a sweetie! ( this happened 2 years ago though) And his brother Hercules Had water on the brain so he died too.. only 3 survived from that litter..

I hope only the best happens to that kitty and that he/she lives..
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**Hugs and warm thoughts***
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Sending positive thoughts to Frankie! Get better little fella!
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Frankie, I know you can fight this! I am sending you my warm and very positive thoughts!
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Best wishes that everything works out okay.
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Prayers and warm thoughts for your kitten's recovery
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How's little Frankie doing today Teresa?
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Well he can hold his head up but it is still wobbley. His eyes are tracking things and he crawled up to me at 5am. I don't think he is very aware of what is going on around him.

When we brought him home he was limp and unresponsive. He has had a little chicken baby food and water with karo syrup in it. He is using all 4 feet to walk but it is like a newborn kitten. (He is 5 weeks old and was recovering from a intestinal infection.)

The swelling has gone down enough that he can close his eyes, but is still pretty puffy.

Keep the good thoughts coming as he is doing much better than we thought he would!
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Teresa, sending lots of good thoughts for Frankie. Get better, little guy!

Can you tell us what happened, if it's not too difficult?
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That is good that he is now walking!
How'd he get stepped on?
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Lots of thoughts and prayers are still on the way.
Teresa, I'm so glad little Frankie is doing better today!
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We had the kittens out playing in the living room. One had snuggled into the arm of a Dragon Beanbag chair. When my son came into the room to answer the phone he stepped onto the beanbag and the kitten's head.

We rushed him to the vet with blood seeping from his nose, and a swelling on his forehead. He was not moving or responding to pain in the front of his body. He had movenemt on the back though. We had decided to put him down until he crawled toward my hubby.

The vet thinks the soft spot may have ruptured allowing the swelling to cause minimal damage. We are hoping the swelling will be gone in another couple of days. We are giving fliuds sub Q today and meds for the swelling.

We had brought him and the snuggle kitty into the bed with us last night and he woke me at 5am crawling across the bed to my tummy. I pottied him and gave him more water and he settled down and went back to sleep.

Keep him in your prayers! Thanks
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What a little fighter you have! I hope he recovers fully. Poor little guy.

Accidents happen though, don't blame yourself. I'm sure he'll be fine. He's in my thoughts.
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Poor baby. I hope he gets better. TCS Board Magic has been known to work wonders, maybe it will for this poor little guy.
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I hope the poor baby will make it, how heartwrenching!
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We got the mom cat to come clean him up a bit today and he seemed to feel reasured. She cleaned and pottied him and sat with him for a while. He is sleeping most of the time and I only wake him for food, water, and potty.

I need to be a little more patient as I want him to recover NOW. Waiting has never been my strong point. I can see little things progressing, although hubby says it is wishful thinking.

I will give him a few more days to improve before we do anything drastic.

As long as I think he has a chance to live a somewhat normal life we will keep working with him.

Thanks for all the good thoughts.
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I'll be keeping him in my thoughts! Hope you have a speedy, and full recovery, Frankie!
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I have a 14 year old cat that had a head injury when he was about 4 years old. He's not quite right, but he is the most loving baby I have ever had. He functions fine, but is just a little goofy.
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I'm so sorry Teresa, I'm just seeing this thread now. Sending many healing positive vibes.
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Sending more healing energy vibes your way....not just from me, but from all the kitties as well. And I'm sending some hugs for you, as well.
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Hope the little guy pulls through! Our thoughts are with you and Frankie.
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Frankie is doing better today. He is eating more and with some awarness. He is walking on all fours without dragging his belly. He tends to walk in circles so he may have an equilibrium problem. It is too soon to tell if it will be permenant.

The good thoughts and vibes are working a miracle! I am so hopful he will make a almost complete recovery.

Thank You,
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Don't worry, we'll keep the good vibes comin! Go Frankie!
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Frankie is a fighter! I'm here praying for him and sending lots of cyber-love.
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If you would like to see Frankie he is the first male kitten (orange) on my web site.
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