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My little chocolate feral "talked" to me today!

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He has been coming around for quite some time now....and every time he would see me, he would dart away as fast as he could....every once in a while he would sit and watch Rocky and Fluffy out the window, but just a few minutes ago, Rocky was sitting in one window and Fluff in the other where they could both see him, and I had the windows open too..he had been eating a litle bit, but he noticed me watching him, and didn't run off...he saw Rocky, and was meowing each time I told him, "It's ok sweet boy" "we aren't gonna hurt ya"..it was like he understood...I am sure he didn't, but this is a first!I want him soo bad yalll....I Hubby says no, but if he keeps coming around, he will say yes...the shelter is out of traps now...I will have to check in on Monday and see about it then...I am gonna have him checked out, and make sure he isn't FIV positive or anything...what is soo cute, is there was no hissing at all between all 3 cats...Rocky acts though as if he recognizes him or something..
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awww it would be great if he could be friends with your kitties!!
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I sure hope the day comes sometime... I still want my Nimbus too ..
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I'm sorry, I don't remember if Rocky was a feral? They may remember each other! We ended up adopting THanksgiving to the same woman who adopted Juli. There were several months inbetween... and when Stacy took Thanksgiving home, when she released her from the crate, Thanksgiving did her little "squeaking," (she doesn't meow, she squeaks. It's so cute!!!!), and Julius came RUNNING!!! Now they go everywhere and do everything together (they're indoor/outdoor kitties on a 240 acre farm).

Good Luck, and keep us posted!

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I hope he continues to warm up to you and that you are able to trap him soon. It is always so exciting when a feral shows a little trust!
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Oh, Kathy.. how sweet and tender! Thanks for sharing!

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Rocky wasn't a ferral, we got him at the animal shelter...our ferral is a little brown one that comes around quite a bit.I haven't seen him since that night though,,,
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Aw, Kathy, sending out "come back safe vibes" to your little chocolate boy!
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Is lil choccie man still visiting?

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