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Late night knock on the door

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Someone left a box of kittens on my doorstep a bit ago. At least they had the decency to knock (and flee) By the time I got up, they were gone, and these little babies were left. There are three of them, and they are upstairs in the cupboard where Taz and Squirrel were born. I have the pet pad on them, and have fed them, stimulated them and put snugglekittie in with them. Looks like I need to put coffee on, it's going to be a night of feedings. One is gold and white, one is beige, and the other is a mackeral tabby. I don't know their sex, they are too young. I wonder where their mom is?
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Sounds like someone knows your place is the prime location for kitties. It's too bad they don't have the mommy cat too... and I'm going to hold my tongue from giving my opinion about the person who dumped them. At least they did knock on your door. Lucky kitties though, having you to care for them.
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At least the person tried to save the babies. I gained one kitty when I was 17 by going to a flea market and seeing the poor babies out in the hot sun with no water and no food and no mother. After a lot of pleading my Mom took a look and told me to grab the biggest (the others looked like they were already dead). I could have killed the person who dumped those kittens there.

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how old do you think they are? You are such a kitty angel I wonder what the story is. I hope there mommy didn't get hit by a car or something. If I lived closer I would offer to have snowwhite foster them. She is almost done weaning this litter but she still has some milk. She is doing a great job training the gray babies.
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As soon as I say the thread title, I had an idea of what it was about. Cats are so lucky to have you around. I don't know how someone could just leave them, unless the person found them and had no clue what to do. As you said, at least they knocked.
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How did it go last night with the babies??
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Oh Mary Anne mate, I know where you're at. Good luck with these little ones - you're a baby kitty mummy again!
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I thought the same way as bren.1 when I read the title of this thread. I immediately thought, oh no....more animals for Hissy!

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Gosh it was the weirdest feeling reading this thread this morning- strong sense of deja vu....been there....done that...have the tee shirt.

Taking them in to the vet this morning, Shalom- the gold and white one is a male (I think!) at any rate the biggest of the lot, the beige one Dradle is the runt and the striped one (not named yet) is the most active of them all. They have good appetite, and are eliminating waste. I just wish momcat were here, but at least they find comfort with Snugglekittie.
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Snugglekitty Rules!!
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Well that was wonderful!

Just returned from the vet, minus the kittens! One of the student vets (from OSU) knows of a momcat who lost 2 out of 3 kittens recently. She has taken the new kits and will introduce them to momcat and see if they take to her teats. If not, she said she will be responsible for raising them! LOL I think she felt sorry for me when I told her I already have 18 cats! At any rate, they are in the best of hands now. The un-named one is now called Chana.
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I love happy endings!
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That is great news!
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Awww, that's great! I hope the little ones take to their new mommy cat quickly.
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What a great ending. Can you ask the vet student whether the momma cat let the kittens suckle? I'm dying to know whether it worked.
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Hissy, I want to know how you knew that they are Jewish?
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It's so great when everybody lends a helping hand (or teat)! LOL
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I'm soo glad this story has a happy ending.... Hissy you are an and you should be commended for the work that you do.
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LOL Cindy-

Call it my immersion with Anne that led me to those names. I think the names are permanent though, the vet student thought they were quite original...

Renae, I have her phone number and have called her several times, but all I get is an answering machine. I'll let you know-
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That's cruel for someone to leave kittens out in the cold, But they are so lucky they found someone as nice as you M.A
Good Luck & Have Fun.... Sam
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Good news Mary Anne. I hope the Mumcat took to them. No matter how good a job we do as human kitty mums, there's nothing like a real kitty mum to take care of the little ones. How old do you estimate they were?
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You are such an for taking those babies in! I hope things go well with them and the momma cat! Keep us posted!
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MA - my heart sank when I saw the title of this thread. "Oh No! More sleepless nights for MA," I was thinking...

Have you heard anything yet? Did mom cat accept the kitties? Sending prayers out that way....

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