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Best Way to Get Small Enough Picture Files for Here

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What's the best way to get small enough picture files for the forums? I'm getting frustrated, I've done as much editing of the photos I can without re-loading my Adobe software and I want to share my babies!

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Hey Ericka

I went into our computer questions thread - Your Computer Questions...Answered!! to get some info for you. It looks like the images have to be 400x400 pixels and/or less than 33K to attach here.

If you don't want to stick the picture in as an attachment, you can have it hosted remotely, and have it linked remotely as well. One of the sites a lot of people from here use is You just have to sign up (register) with them first. It's free.

Once you register there, you upload your pictures to that site. Then, you can come and post here, and use the [IMG] tags to link your pictures. If you do go the way of remote linking through, remember to remove the ".orig.jpg" ending from the file... it's a bit goofy, and won't work unless you do.

If you don't want to do that, you're welcome to email the pictures to me, I'll resize them, and email them back to you. Then you can attach them to a post if you'd like. If you want to do it this way, send me a PM, and I'll PM you with my email address.
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I'll look into imagestation. Thank you for the offer.

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Testing to see if this works--this links directly to Tailer's picture, click on next to see Toes.

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make sure to hit the img button and then post the link inside that
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hmmmm maybe you can't direct link from image station. Try saving the resized on to your computer and then attach it
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How about this?

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Yay! That was Tailer, now I just have to get Toes' picture down to size--he's a big cat so I may have to find a different picture.

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Tailer is so cute and soft looking!
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It looks like you copied the imagestation address instead of the individual picture at imagestation. When you want to link pictures from Imagestation, do the following:

First, choose the pic at imagestation you want to use. Make sure you have the full version up on the screen, not the thumbnail.

Second, right click on the *actual* picture and choose the Properties option from the menu that appears. Then, copy the address (URL) shown under the Properties tab.

Third, come back to this site and start a new message. Click on the IMG button (located above the box where your typing the new message). Here you will paste the address you copied from imagestation.

Fourth, once you copied the address make sure you have not dupliced the http:// at the beginning of the URL, and delete the orig.jpg that may be at the end of the URL you just pasted. I use imagestation all the time, if your still having problems PM me!

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Why do they do that .orig.jpg thing?
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Originally posted by Kumbulu
Why do they do that .orig.jpg thing?
It's to stop you from linking directly from Imagestation. Again, everytime you link directly back to them, you are using their bandwidth space. Actually, everytime you use the IMG tags, you are riding the bandwidth space of another site.

Actually, in all the time I have used Imagestation, I never have the .orig.jpg attached to my images. Maybe I'm special!

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Awww Kass, you ARE special mate!
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The orig.jpg thing appears if you click on the full size photo to get the address of the photo. If you right click, you don't get the orig.jpg thing. Guess you're just smarter than the average bear Kass!
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Tailer is a cutie! I'm glad you were able to get the picture posted. Can't wait to see Toes!
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Where's Toes?! :foot: Can't wait to see him!
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This is my attempt to post Toes, the kitty's feet in the background are Tailer's.

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Oh yay! It worked! It worked! It worked!

Thank you, Russian Blue/Kass!

Now I've got to do the color picture of them.

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Toes is quite the cutie too!
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More pics of my babies. Want to see what these look like posted.
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They are very pretty kitties!
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They're both just mixed mutts, but I love them!

Tailer is super smart.

Toes just likes to look fluffy and gorgeous. Most people think he's a girl.
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