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I love reading about what everybody does!! I agree with Deb - I like thinking about what everyone does "away" from TCS.

Hubby and I are both Financial Analysts. He's the Investment Strategist for our firm, which means he gets to blab his opinions daily about where the economies, currencies and stock markets of the world are going. We work together on finding good investments for our customers. That's where we do the "real" research. We write up our stock picks (or pans), which the firm publishes. I "model" the companies, which means I create projections about what they're going to earn (or NOT going to earn!) Our customers are the professional money managers that run mutual funds and stuff like that.

I really like it because people in our field of work are often considered "eccentric," and we sure fit that bill. We can telecommute pretty easily, so we work from home most of the time, which I love. It gives us lots of time with the cats.

We live out in farm country now, and there are lots of forgotten barn cats & their offspring around here, so we trap, vaccinate, neuter, release, etc. We're starting to develop a network around here of people who need help - either with trapping or affording spay/neutering, etc., - or people who want to adopt cats and kittens. I know we still haven't trapped one female in particular, but we haven't seen her for quite some time now. We haven't seen any kittens yet this season, so maybe we did get them all last year (except that one female, who we saw earlier this season and then not since. I'm afraid something has happened to her...)

I also work on two websites I own with several other members of TCS. The sites are www.savesamoa.org and www.straypetadvocacy.org. Save Samoa started because of a cat that TCS kind of as a group helped to rescue, and it is dedicated to rescue stories and resources. Stray Pet Advocacy ("SPA") grew out of that... addressing the need for research related to the benefits of T-N-R programs and low cost spay/neuter programs, etc. to encourage communities around the country and around the world to adopt these programs for animal control management. Hopefully SPA will be up soon... it's just been such a massive project!!!!

...But my best job is being a kitty mommy!!!

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Oh - and to all of you phlebotomists out there, my hubby is THE WORST!!!! He has had so many health problems the last two years that he's had to have a lot of blood taken, and he is SUCH A CHICKEN!!!! He gets so tense he collapses his veins almost every time, and we usually have to go back 3 or 4 times before they're able to get a blood sample out of him!!! He drives everyone crazy. (Some tough guy, hunh? He was in the army for 6 1/2 years of active duty, and he was in a war for 3 1/2 of those!)
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Hey Laura!

It was very interesting to read your post, and everyone elses! although, your links didn't work - Im not sure why. Can you try and post the links to the animal sites again?
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i am an umemployed recent college graduate with a bachelor of science in marketing.. Blah. I *Hope* to become an advertising asst, a marketing asst, an asst buyer, planer, or market research analyst, but i have a feeling I'm not gonna get that lucky lol.. Luckily my parents are letting me stay with them until i figure out where i can move to get a job so I don't have to break a lease..

catlover67.. keep on with the elem ed/library media.. my mom did this and i swear since then she LOVES her career. Before she was always whining about life, now she's sooo happy..
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