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I'm a production manager for a publishing company.

We publish childrens educational and teaching tools

Basically..... I get to read children's books all day
(and play "reserch" on the internet!)
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I am a receptionist at the World headquarters of a global moving/relocation company.

Hubby works as a computer tech for IBM.
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I'm in training, to be a customer service rep, for Chrysler Financial Corp. After a while, I may be able to move up to team Leader, collections agent or Subject Matter Expert.

In the past, I've been a cocktail waitress, bartender, medical assistant and phlebotomist, among other things.
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OK Cindy, I admit it, I had to look up Phlebotomist! But now that I know, I won't spoil it for the others!
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I looked up phlebotomist...very interesting, but not something I would ever do!
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I used to be a chemist, but now I have my own business as a personal chef. I do grocery shopping and cooking for people in their homes. I go to each client's home (I have 11 clients) every week or two and fill up their fridge and freezer with meals for the week(s). Sometimes I do parties and holidays for my clients, but I don't do outside catering except for friends, as a little hobby.

I love my job, especially having lots of free time. I only work about 20-25 hours a week, but I still make enough to live on. My hubby makes up the difference with his pay, but I do all the housework, so it evens out. I liked working in the lab, too, but in science, there are a lot of egos thrashing into each other, and a lot of people in management who aren't trained for it, so I wasn't sad to lose that part of my life. Everything is so much simpler now, and my boss is a great lady!
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and my boss is a great lady!
LOL Julie. Your job sounds great. Do you get clients who are very picky about what they will and won't eat?
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Some are picky... I have about a dozen kids in my chef "family" and of course they have the usual kid aversions to mushrooms and olives and things like that. I have one guy who goes a bit wacko if there is a visible onion in his food - I have to grind them up into a mush in the food processor. Most are no problem at all, though.
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I am the Lead Teacher in a Title I elementary school. Here in the U.S. that means that my school receives federal funding because the poverty level of our student population is high. About 90% of our kids receive free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch at school (based on family income). I am in a supervisory role of sorts.
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I'm a middle school teacher. That means I could quite possible be totally nuts. Especially at this time of the year, when the students are helping me further down the road to crazyland.

I teach Spanish and English as a Second Language (ESL), in an urban school, also Title 1. Like Deb, a large number of the students in my school qualify for free or reduced price breakfast and lunch.

As an ESL teacher, I get to work with children from all over the world. Most of our immigrants come from the Caribbean area, primarily Cuba and Puerto Rico, but we have a few Haitians, Africans (Togo and Ethiopia) and Latin Americans. It's interesting, and most of the immigrant students are better behaved than the ones who are born here.
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I am the creator and owner of a retail website (see sig)
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We have a varied and wonderful group here!
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I work as a unit pricing manager at Kmart. A hard place to work, because even though you can`t find anyone to help you, we are there in small numbers each doing the job of 3 people. Very stressful, but I have been with them for years so the pay is good. Lots of Kmarts closed, ours keep on going along ok.I would rather be working with animals, that would be a fun job. Linda
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I am so glad I started this thread... this is SO interesting!!!
And indeed we have such a variety of jobs here...

BTW, now Im realyl intruiged: what's a "phlebotomist"? Do share!

Oh, and Bren1. - I asked you a few days ago and you weren't there - where did Legolas go?... (I miss him!)
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Originally posted by nunny
I am so glad I started this thread... this is SO interesting!!!
And indeed we have such a variety of jobs here...
BTW, now Im realyl intruiged: what's a "phlebotomist"? Do share!
Hey Nunny - I am glad you started this thread, too. It's very interesting in here.

A phlebotomist collects blood samples and body fluids from patients for laboratory testing.... Gives me the creeps just thinking about it

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wow! creepy indeed, but intersting nevertheless! I wouldn't do it either... I have a week heart
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Nunny, I wanted to put pics of my kitties in my sig. And I prefer Aragorn, so I kept him.
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Bren, your cats are so adorable, so I guess its okay... I will have to learn how to put Legolas there myself!...

(I love Aragorn, but Legolas is my absolute favorite!! so I guess we can share!)
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I work for the Canadian federal government, in Human Resources Development Canada, Employment Insurance, Jobbank for employers. I am a techinal/peer advisor. I train newbies, coach existing staff, deal with irate employers, input and approve job ads to go online and a variety of other duties - I am the go to girl if there is something that needs doing yesterday. Hubby is a surveyor for the City of Toronto. My biggest job is being a cat mom!

I love reading about everyone!
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So it would seem Phlembotomy and crazy go together. I'm crazy! Therefore also a pt.vampire, for now. Mostly I'm a student, I've been in school, seemingly forever and should soon gradute w/a degree I don't want to do any work with.
I've also been a pharmacy tech , but the job I kept longest (6yrs) was general manger of a marketing company I was 17 and started pt. In 1wk I was a supervisor(lucky I didn't have to spell there) in 6mths I was running entire company with 558 dumb-a$$$$ working for me. When I turned 23 I WANTEd OUT,OUT,OUT,OUT!!!!!! I had enough, I hate the business world,(but glad others want to be in it) And so I returned to college.

Here I am, endlessly wondering what to do, but learning alot about what I don't want to do!
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I have been running my own international marketing business (sounds grand but isn't) since September last year, after being made redundant.

We have recently moved into smart serviced offices after working from home. We do design, translation, marketing etc etc. As my b/g is marketing I tend to look after that side of things. It's hard work but fun.

I trained as a graphic designer originally, but stopped actively pounding the MAC in 1995 and went into 'management'
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I'm also a professional groomer. Have been for about 4 years. The longest job I've had so far is the one I have now. 1 1/2 yrs. working as a groomer for a vet clinic. I LOVE my job, but unfortunately, I have to consider getting a diffent job because of a back injury that is making working more and more uncomfortable...

Word to the wise... NEVER lift a Golden Retriever on your own, then repeat the process with a Bernese right after!
The fact that I'm only 5'5" and weigh about 105 lbs. doesn't help either!
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I'm 13 and don't yet have a job , My Mum is a barmaid and my Dad is a chef , I'm going to be a vet and right now I just have little part time jobs like voluntering for local animal shelters and cleaning catteries(our own )
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Originally posted by Spooky
I am a receptionist at the World headquarters of a global moving/relocation company.

Hubby works as a computer tech for IBM.
I'm also started as a receptionist, but now I'm a presonal assistant to our Vice-President
And really the hard job is to be a Good wife
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I'm a student at Georgia Tech (Biology major). Over the summer, I work full time in a Biology research lab and only take classes part time. Then, during the normal school year, it switches, and I only work part time while going to school full time.
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This really is a good thread. I like picturing you all away from TCS.
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I'm a support technician for library software. I've worked in this field both in Chicago and here in San Diego. I started out, though, as a receptionist at a software company so you can go far if you just stick your neck out a little bit. I also work the swing shift so my primary clients are in Australia, Singapore, and Bangladesh (and any other we have out in the Pacific Rim).

I love helping people, but I don't really like the companies I work for. I'd prefer to really help people or work with plants or animals, but my degrees are in German and English and my experience is in computers. And all the volunteer organizations out here require training that's during my work hours. Argh!

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I am a medical technologist. I test blood and other body fluids. I work in a large lab and we allso do veterinary testing. I do blood banking were we test for blood tranfution compatbility and latly been working in microbiolgy where we identify bacterial infections , strep throat and I have been doing alot of dog ears. Poor things, seems to be chronic in some dogs.I do cholesterol testing, white counts, glucose testing stuff like that.
I have allso done phlebotomy, its a hard job, need a lot of people skills for that one.
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i'm a student studying Digital Media which involves graphic imaging, animation, web page and game design. my dream job would be working on special effects for movies, or a computer animations company sich as Pixar

Nunny, do u deal with Camp America?

I am working at a Culture Exchange office, where we interview people for Camp Counselor's positions in the USA.
i was going to apply for Camp America, but i didn't end up saving enough money!
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Hi Iceangle,
No I don't deal with Camp America, they are the competition !! But I know them quite well

I hope you manage to apply next year, its such a wonderful expirience!!! you'll love it!
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