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What do you guys do for a living?

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I get crums of information from reading the posts, but Im really intruiged...

I am working at a Culture Exchange office, where we interview people for Camp Counselor's positions in the USA. Its really fun... (especially since Im going a camp myself )

What do you do?
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I'm a health care worker in a nursing home.
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Hey Nunny!

I am a Graphic Designer

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I own a home daycare that I run. I've got 5 kids enrolled, and my own 2 as well. I'm a BUSY lady!

Hubby is a mechanic for Nissan.
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Tattoo shop receptionist and body piercer
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Hi Nunny,

I am an office manager/administrative assistant for a security/financial equipment supplier. Our main work is with business and financial corporation. We supply all their electronic security and financial equipment (vaults, drive-up units, ATM's, etc.)
and service. I'm the only woman who works for the company.
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I have had just about every job imaginable and currently am a part-time independent, self-employed Pet-Sitter. I may go professional, but my Elementary Education Degree w/ a minor in Library Media is in my grasp. I want to get the degree before I make up my mind!! I love animals with a passion, but also feel I have alot to offer children.
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Studying Psychology at Murdoch University with a view to going into Forensic Psychology. They say that the best Psychologists and Psychiatrists are nutty themselves!
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I stress for a living .

No, really.

I work for a major insurance company on their technical helpdesk. I am a second level contact for the sales agents, and office personnel. That works out to roughly 8000 peolpe country wide, many of which have no computer experience whatsoever. So, I stress for a living .
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I'm a taxi driver.... hence my nickname
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I run a small electro-mechanical engineering company with my husband. I do all the admin/accounts and he does the technical stuff
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I am a 28 year old college student, full time mom of two girls and housecleaner . My work never ends!!
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You know, they say that "cat people" are the most interesting type there is!

Judging by what I already read - you're such a clever interesting bunch!!!
I can't wait to see what everyone else do...

I hope one day I can meet you all!!
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I've been doing mostly customer service and technical support, as well as building/repairing computers. Now I'm going back to school to become a chef
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I'm a registered nurse (RN) but I don't work in a hospital. I work with people who are injured on the job or in auto accidents; my official title is Field Case Manager. I travel to patient's homes to meet with them and discuss their injury and treatment, I also meet with them at their doctor appointments to discuss how they're progressing (or not) and find out what sort of treatment (therapy, surgery, medications) is needed to get them recovered so that they can (safely) return to work. I am sort of an intermediary between the patient, their employer and the worker's compensation insurance company.

Translation: I meet a lot of people, 99% nice 1% not; I travel A LOT (about 2 hrs in all directions radius); I write a LOT of reports and am buried in paperwork when not behind the wheel! When I am not on the road, I do work from my home, which is a wonderful thing, except when the kitties try to help me type reports!
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I'm 24! I just start working as a respection/anything else for a realstate company I also own my own business. (little online store I make bracelets, beads, figures and that kinda stuff! ) I think my hardest job is being a wife
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AFter reading all of your professions mine does not seem so important. I am a Dog and Cat Groomer.
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I am 26, a mechanical engineer and work on flight simulators
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I'm almost 26 and I am a Pharmacy Technician. I've been working in the Pharmacy field for 5 years and absolutely love it. BUT...due to the lack of pay I receive, I am changing my career. I will start my training to become an Assistant Manager for WalMart in September. Once I am a Asst. Manager for a couple of years, I have the option to become a Store Manager and can keep moving up the Ladder!
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Tarav, I think you have a dream job!!!

Im glad you told us what you do!!!
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I write, do scrimshaw, make custom knives, and am partners with Anne on Meowhoo.com and also work with her on TCS. I do feral rescue and work with The Cat Welfare Society of Israel doing PR here in the states along with two other people.

My husband is a knifemaker and woodworker.
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Thanks, I have only been doing it for about a yr, that includes 6 months of schooling. It is harder than I ever thought it would be, but I absolutely love it!
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Im almost 26 and im a massage therapist i love my job
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guys, thanks for sharing! I feel like Im really getting to know everyone...

Hissy, whats a "scrimshaw"?

And Shell - Good luck with your new career in Wal Mart! (one of my favorites places to spend money when I visit in the USA... )
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nunny, here's a quote from Mary Anne (hissy) about scrimshaw:

Scrimshaw evolved from the whaling days when the ships were out for such a long period of time and the sailors got bored. Someone took a whale's tooth and scratched a design on it, then put ink over the design, wiped it off, and there was the first scrimmed piece. You basically take your material and with a small tool called a scrimmer (looks like a pencil except the tip is a needle, or these days, a carbide point) You draw your design on the material. Then you take ink and apply the ink over the design, take a cloth and wipe it off and the ink goes down and stays in the grooves of the scratches.

I got into it, when a client asked Mike if he knew anyone who could scrim the handle of his knife. The knife was bone, and the man wanted a grizzly bear. Mike told him I could do it! :P It took a few attempts on other material, but I have always liked to draw and so I did a small head of a grizzly and got paid for it. So I was on my way.
Hope that helps!
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I am working for social security adm as a development claims clerical.
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
I'm 24! I just start working as a respection/anything else for a realstate company I also own my own business. (little online store I make bracelets, beads, figures and that kinda stuff! ) I think my hardest job is being a wife
Out of curiosity, what is a respection?

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Kim I think she meant a receptionist-
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sorry i ment receptionist I was typing fast because i should be working and not playing online
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I am a research scientist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, studying the outcomes of bone marrow transplants.
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