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Vibes for Valentino please

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There is a thread on here with his background and history, but basically he is an old, painfully thin stray with bad teeth - I wanted to give him a week or so of eating before booking him in for his dental, but he went off his food on Thurs, so he is booked in for Tues, and trying to get him to eat enough till then - took him to the vets yesterday who gave him an ab jab, Vit B12 and Diazepam for an appetite stimulant - sadly it had more of a sedative action on him, and he could hardly walk for hours yesterday - he still isn't great 24 hours later. I syringe fed him something yesterday, and he took some cat milk on his own, and then ate a small amount overnight, but back off his food this morning. Vibes that not only can I get him eating enough to get through till Tues, but that his bloods are good, I do have a niggling feeling about him, and am praying that I am wrong.
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for Valentino.
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Awwww, Bless his heart
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Prayers and for Valentino and you.
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Lots & Lots of that you are wrong.
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Thanks everyone - not managed to get him to eat a lot today, and as the Diazepam has worn off, syringe feeding him is very tricky, I have only tried with water today, but he is really fighting me. I am currently cooking some fish, as chicken didn't go down well, nor did the 3 kinds of cat food I bought him earlier!! He has had some sliced turkey though, and at least he is brighter in himself.
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Lots and lots of prayers and good vides for Valentino that he continues to perk up and that all goes well with the dental!
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Last night I gave him some Terrine, some Gourmet Perle, some chicken and some fish, and he didn't seem interested in anything. I got him to eat about half a slice of Turkey before I went to bed, so i tore up another slice and put it on his bed (he seems to struggle finding it on the plate). Got up this morning and had to do a double take, as eveyrthing bar the biscuits had been eaten!! So I gave him the rest of the Terrine and Gourmet Perle, he has eaten some of both, but ignoring the chicken and sliced meat now!! I am very relieved, and he should have enough till I get home tonight (via the shop for some more terrine of course!!)
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Sending to Valentino

Can you ask the vet about using ISO instead of Ketamine for anesthetic for his dental?
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Lots of for Valentino. that all goes well tomorrow.
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Please eat Valentino - you aren't a stray anymore, but a beloved TCS kitty & your TCS family sends prayers and vibes from around the world that you get better very fast
I will light a candle tomorrow, that your dental appointment goes well
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
Please eat Valentino - you aren't a stray anymore, but a beloved TCS kitty & your TCS family sends prayers and vibes from around the world that you get better very fast
I will light a candle tomorrow, that your dental appointment goes well

I will do the same.
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Thank you all very much, the thoughts mean a lot. He had some more Terrine, and half a pouch of Gourmet Perle, plus a plate of chicken and a plate of sliced meat while I was at work yesterday. Didn't eat much last night, and is starving this morning, bless him. Not long to go till he can go to the vets and have his bloods done, it is just a waiting game to see if they are good enough now.

As for the anaesthetic, I am fairly sure we dont use KEtamine here, I Cant remember the name, but there are posters up about using a senior friendly anaesthetic, and if he needs fluids, he will have them.
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Sending for Valentino from NZ too!
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Sending many vibes for him...the poor guy.

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Thinking of Valentino today.
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for Valentino!!!
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for Valentino. That all goes well today.
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Thanks a lot everyone
Well, we had a scare when I dropped him off, his weight had gone from 3.2 last Mon to 2.8 yesterday morning, so I was on edge all morning. his blood results showed his kidney levels were in the normal range, but his ALT and ALK-P were both high, higher than Sams, so they have sent blood off to do a thyroid test, as it could be thyroid related, or it could be the teeth causing it, or it could be his upset tum (which settled down Mon), or he could have liver issues - so still not out of the woods, but he only had to have 4 teeth out, the rest were in decent condition.
He had eaten a pouch of sensitivity at the vets, despite me telling them he didn't like it - I gave him half a pouch which he promptly ignored!! He had some cat milk, and a plate of sliced meat, I tried him on some pate food, which he ignored, so he had about 3 plates of sliced meat last night, but overnight he had eaten all the wet food. This morning he finished off the pouch of sensitivity, and acted starving, so I opened a tin of supermeat, which he is ignoring, the rest of hte pate, which he is also ignoring, so have opened a pouch of felix in jelly and some felix roasted, to see what texture he would like to eat, and left him a saucer of cat milk. He definitely can eat, so now it is just a case of seeing what kind of foods he likes, and if he likes food in gravy, it will be a trip to the shop - over 200 pouches in the house, and very few in gravy!! Unsurprisingly, he is ignoring his dry food.

I can't believe that is three in a row who have been painfully thin, picked up off the streets, needed a dental, and had liver issues, with two suspected hyper-t. Hope that my luck changes now!!
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I'm so glad he's getting himself sorted out. Poor boy - he's pretty lucky to have found you.
Sending plenty of that he keeps improving.
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That's wonderful!

for Valentino.
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OK - his teeth bug him - did the vet feed him differently than you? I mean - not the food, but different type of bowl, raised the bowl, etc?
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Didn't think of that Nat - although he has had quite a few different bowls here, as that is the first thing I thought of. however, when I nipped home at lunch he had eaten everthing, even a few biscuits, so I topped him up, and he had eaten all by the time I got home. All in all, he managed 4.5 pouches (and prob would have had more if I had let him), plus two lots of biscuits and some cat milk and a bit of chicken - so he is certainly feeling better!! I just can't work out if he is making up for lost time, or if he is indeed hyper-t - but we will know today. He is a lot happier in himself, although growled when I picked him up. The only problem is medicating him, he wont let me open his mouth.
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sending vibes he keeps getting better

as for getting the food in his mouth its kinda like an art lol, at first i used to put a big towel on the floor and wrap him up like a baby and make sure his claws were tucked in, i would hold him firmly and just pry his mouth open with my fingers and get the pill of drops in, right after that hold his mouth close tip it upward and rub under his chin and neck area, hopefully that will help.
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Thryoid results are back showing he is hyper-t, my vet wasn't in, so I just got a quick message telling me in case I wanted to start meds asap, i will get to speak to the vet on Mon, as obviously I have some questions, but I will be doing some research this weekend. The operation is definitely out of the question, and I want to see what his kidney levels were, as there is a chance that once he is stablised, that they will get worse.
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