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True Blood Series

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Have any of you guys ever watched the T.V show true blood? Ive seen a few episodes and their awesome! Pus im reading the books right now and their awesome! Move over twilight I think this series is much better Also it's made for adults so maybe check it out the first one is called True Blood by Charlaine Harris
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They made her rename it? The first book should be called Dead Until Dark.
It's been a few years since I've read some of them, and I got bored after around four books and side story (from an anthology) in.

If you truly are hooked on the series, or will be, just be aware that she writes stories from her main series for anthologies too, as do a lot of authors in that genre. So you have a lot of collecting/hunting to do.

I wasn't terribly impressed by the show. I hadn't kept up with her book series or heard what the HBO True Blood series was even based off of (didn't have HBO for the longest). I came in on the third or fourth episode one night while DH and his mother were watching it. Recognized it within two minutes and was picking out mistakes. Does Elvis pop up in the tv show? If not, they're definitely trying to make it too serious - which was the other thing I didn't like about it.
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I've read all 8 books and really enjoyed them. I didn't like the show past episode 3. Sookie is an entirely different character in the show and I like the Sookie from the books much better. But the last episode really had me impressed, it was really good because I didn't know what would happen since they made it very different from the books ...No, Elvis is not going to be on it ..I don't think they made her re name the book it's just that they have a new cover for the first book and it looks just like the dvd cover for the first season of the show, so maybe that's how the confusion has come about but the first book is called Dead Until Dark not True Blood. A new book called Dead and Gone is coming out in May and I am really excited. Bill was my favorite one from Sookie's boyfriends and I heard that he will have a major part in the next book so I am hoping they will get back together or at least come close to it. Eric was really fun too, but I'm still hoping Bill will be the one she ends up with.
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Oops my mistake it is called dead until dark

I've only see a few episodes of the show but the first season is based all on dead until dark. I wasn't impressed with bill after book 3 but i'm only on book 4 so he might grow on me again

Yeah the books are much better than the show and I cant get enough of them! I didn't start reading them until one of my friends told me about them.She said they are the opposite of twilight but I dont think so..Sookie is MUCH better
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I actually got into this series. I like the idea of the vampires trying to fit into society and be treated like equals. The character of Bill is pretty cool. Besides I think Anna Paquin is hot.
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I think she is perfect for the role of sookie and I like the idea of them fitting in as well it's one of the best story lines that i've heard involving vampires and i'm glad other people have read it as well!
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I was introduced to Sookie Steakhouse series after Twilight series. I will not watch True Blood because normally when a book is made into movie the movie is never as good as the book.

Amazon Community has a thread in paranormal romance with readers favorite authors. Anyone looking for paranormal reads should check it out.
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Sookie series are definitely better than Twilight IMO. I read Twilight after them and it took me a long time to get into twilight, but I was hooked on Dead Until Dark as soon as Bill came into Merlotte's for the first time. Which is like page 3 or 4 ....
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I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE True Blood!!! I have never read the books, but i love the show. The idea of vampires being real and "coming out of the coffin" and trying to fit into human society is so interesting and cool! Does anyone know when the next season starts? im dying to know so i can be ready to watch!!
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It starts June of 2009
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Originally Posted by Rone View Post
Amazon Community has a thread in paranormal romance with readers favorite authors. Anyone looking for paranormal reads should check it out.
I keep suggesting people use Amazon as a tool to find new authors and series. I wonder if anyone has taken this advice?

Somehow I'm not surprised that there are several who do not like the Twilight series. I don't know about anyone else, but seeing as I read at a level way beyond "young adult" trying to push myself through poor writing can be painful.
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Not only poor writing, but also a very uneventful plot as far as Twilight goes, when you compare it to the Sookie series and other good writers...I remember reading Twilight and nothing happened until the very end...
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never heard of it but I will look that up..:-) it sounds right up my alley
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Dh and I watch that! We love it. I just hope HBO keeps it around. (They have a habit of dropping shows after a season or two. )
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honestly with Twilight I read it before it was popular and I didn't see what the big deal's an alright series but bella gets very annoying half way through I find..

I finally bought the box set of the sookie stackhouse books and am sooo glad I did my sister is now reading them as well
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Originally Posted by Mer636 View Post

I finally bought the box set of the sookie stackhouse books and am sooo glad I did my sister is now reading them as well
That's awesome, I don't have any of them because i couldn't find them in bookstore, when I read them they weren't so popular. I read them all online on ebooks...
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LOVE the show!! I usually don't bother watching or reading anything vampire because I really find most of them cheesy and unoriginal. I'm such a vamp snob. But this one I do like. The characters are fleshed out, the storyline is original, and I like that the whole idea of being a vampire isn't necessarily central to the stories.

I'll probably have to check out the books at some point, but at this point I like just enjoying the tv series.
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I work at a bookstore so I got a discount and was able to see that we had like 2 boxsets left so I was like ..MINE lol

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