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New Little pics :)

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I took some new pics today and thought I would post for those who want to see He is growing so fast!

Little and Nala


One for comparison at 3 days old

He still has pretty bad diarrhea His fecal came back negative, although it was not really enough for a true sample so I guess we should run another in a few weeks when we can get more poop. In the meantime I bought some powdered KMR and am going to feed him a bottle of that to see if it will firm him up. Hopefully something will work soon I feel bad for the poor guy. Pooping is definitely not a pleasant experience for him
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I'll be curious to see what color his eyes are when he's grown up!

You said he seems developmentally challenged - I forgot her was white, perhaps he is deaf? My Twitch is deaf, I first met her at 8 weeks - she was "slower" than her littermates.
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What a beautiful boy! He is growing so fast.

Great job your doing and it looks like Nala is good at helping.

Sorry the baby still has diarrhea. Have you tried the Just Born brand milk replacer. It could make a difference. I went through the same with mine. Fecals normal, everything ok just diarrhea. Vet finally realized the milk was the problem. Just Born was sooo much easier on the system. He could digest it much better. You have nothing to loose trying. Ask the vet.

I hope he gets over the diarrhea soon. That can't be good because it is hard to absorb all he needs to grow when it comes out the other end like that. Poor baby.
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I know others have said it...but may you be blessed for taking this little guy in. I've been following his story with a lot of interest, and I hope you'll continue to send updates!
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Yikes sorry for the picture quality! I did look for the Just Born milk replacer last time I was at the petstore and couldn't find it

I know he hears because he will wake up when he hears my alarm go off at 1 and 5 and start scratching on the box. His vision is another thing..I wonder how well he can see. BUT..I 'spose it's a bit early to determine how well he sees yet.

PS..he finally hit the 1 pound mark thursday!!
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He's a doll baby, and look how well Nala has adapted. You are a wonderful person for taking such loving care of him.
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Eeek! He is too cute! He looks real soft too... At least your other cat Nala seems friendly w/ him.

Take lots of pics they get big/change so fast.
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You can get Just Born at Walmart. He's a cutie and you are an angel!
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Don't know if it's the lighting or what - but it looks like Little is going to have a gray tail! What cutie- patootie!
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Super cute!!!!!!!!
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I Little! Keep new pics coming. He's so adorable.
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OMG, what a cutie pie!
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You are doing a great job with Little He is so cute. I love the little black spot on his head.
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Awww he is just so0o cute!!! Enjoy him while he is this tiny, he will grow so fast and before you know it he will be grown! BTW you can get Just Born kitten milk at Walmart, that is where i got it when Monster was a baby.
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I have been following your posts about your little boy and I just have to say when I saw the pics today my heart just melted.

He is one lucky kitten to have you.
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Ooooooooooh how I love him!
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Oh Goodness he is sooo cute!!
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Cutie Alert!!!!! How precious!
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