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Freeway is missing  

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My dad stopped by the house shortly after I left for work last night and picked up some old fence panels I'd given him, and he bumped the outdoor enclosure with his trailer. The enclosure is made from panels put together with bolt clamps, and 3 of them popped loose. He left a note about it and said he didn't have to tools to fix it right then and not to let the cats out till we got it fixed.

Well, their cat flap wasn't locked, and sometime last night Freeway went on a walkabout. There's no sign of him anywhere. I've got a lost poster up for him at the store just up the road from here, and I'm getting warmed back up and getting ready to go look some more
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Oh NO!!!!!! I am praying he comes home safe and sound and very quickly!!! Please keep us updated as you can!!!
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Oh, Skippy - I pray that your sweet Freeway comes home safe!
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Come home soon Freeway
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Not Freeway! Come home, big guy. Your dad misses you.
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Come home Freeway!
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Oh noooo! Freeway come home!!!
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Oh Mike!!! Many, MANY for Freeway coming home soon! I know you must be beside yourself worrying about him. Please keep us updated.
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Mike, make sure you put some used litter outside, some worn clothes of yours, things to help him smell where home is.

Im sending so many come home vibes
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Oh Freeway, please be okay and come home soon!
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Oh no Mike Many vibes and prayers Freeway comes home safe and sound and SOON!!
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Prayers and Vibes for Freeway's safe return!
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Oh no, poor kitty!!! That he comes home soon
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Sending many prayers for Freeway's safe return home.
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Sending lots of come home for Freeway and for you, Mike.
I hope you find him soon.

Maybe under that shed where you were feeding that stray cat?
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I hope he comes back soon!
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OH no. I hope he comes back soon. My heart just sank when I saw the title of this thread.

How are you holding up?
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Oh No!

Go home Freeway.
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Mike, I keep checking back here hoping for some good news. What is the weather like in Kentucky right now? One strange thing with cats is they can get fascinated with the stupidest thing and it can entertain them for hours. Harley has gotten out before (in town) and the only thing that brought him back was the stupid laser pointer. It was one of the key ring kind, and he heard that sound and was at our door.

Is there any sound that calls Freeway? A toy, a treat bag, anything? Opening a can of cat food?

He's probably just chasing something, and will come back VERY proud of himself . I know that doesn't help you right now, but still sending many "come home" .
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Come home Freeway!!
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I'm so sorry! I hope Freeway is found soon, safe & sound!

Sending vibes your way:
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Oh, I sure hope he's all right! I can sure relate to how you're feeling, b/c I went through just about the same thing a few weeks back when first Chiquita disappeared, and then Jinxy.

Stop worrying your daddy, Freeway, and come back home!
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Oh no!!! Sending lots and lots of vibes for Freeway that he comes home safely!!
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Sending come home vibes to Freeway!!
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come home Freeway!!!!!

Please keep us updated!!!
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OMG! I don't even know what to say except I can imagine the panic and stress you are going through!
Lots of for his safe return..........
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Freeway, go home! Quit worrying your daddy!
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Any news?!
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Oh no, I'd be frantic if any of my kitties went missing, Go home Freeway your daddy is worried sick!!!!!!
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Come home freeway! Your daddy is worrying as are all of us
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