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Need Advice on New Kitten.

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Hello All. Our cat passed away a while back and we decided to get another for our family. I adopted a 4 month old kitten from one of my local shelters. She is VERY skiddish. I was told that she was an owner surrender and not a ferile kitten. When we brought her home we took her into our office where we already had her litter box and food set up for her. She immediately ran under the couch and will not come out. We can reach under and get her and she does not hiss or scratch at us. She will let us hold her and pet her and she purrs.. loud!! We have been setting her down by her food and she will eat some and use the litter box but then goes right back under the couch. I know she comes out when we are not in here too, as I have noticed that her food and water disapearing. Is there anything that we can do to help make her feel more comfortable, or do we just need to give her space and let her come out when she is ready? We have not had a kitten in the house in a long time, and I am just not sure what to do. Any advise would be much appreciated!!

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I think you need to be patient. Just talk to her, she will come out when she is ready. a few treats might help. you could tease her with toys.
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You know, once she gets used to her new home, there will be times when you wished she stayed under the couch. She sounds like a normal kitten getting used to her new surroundings.
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Some have suggested just sitting in the room, not paying any attention to her. Someone even said reading aloud, so she can get used to your voice, is a good idea.

She'll come out soon.
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Time and patience will win her over. Being in a new environment is scary with all the new sounds, smells, people, so she's just nervous and getting adjusted. Keep her in her small room, with all the ammenities (food, potty, warm bed, toys), and visit her frequently. Sit down on the floor and talk softly to her, read to her, sing to her. You can also leave a radio on for her. You might want to get her a stuffed toy to snuggle with, too. To entice her to play, get a toy on a string (feather wand type thing) and dangle it. She'll come around soon!

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