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hungry cats

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I have 8 cats and I used to feed them 2 cans wet food in the morning and at night. Sometimes during the day if someone is home. There is always dry available. Lately they are so hungry I sometimes give 4 cans in the morning and 6 cans at night. They eat all the food. Is something wrong with all of them?
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Are they still eating the same amount of dry and what cans are you feeding? From my calculations, they went from 1/2 can per cat to 1 1/4 can daily. The answer all depends on your response to my first question.
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A little less of the dry, but it does not seem enough of a difference to make up for the extra wet food.
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The cans are the 5.5oz friskies.
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How old are the cats? How much do they weigh? Growing kittens will eat a lot more than full-grown adults, and a 15# cat will eat more than a 7# cat. Are they outdoor cats? They could be bulking up for the winter. Even indoor cats tend to build up a little extra fat during cold weather.

If they're all "average" size adults, then they should need very little dry food in addtion to the wet they're eating.
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7 of them are 12 or older, the other 1 is about 3. They are all normal size and stay indoors. Maybe they really like the food.
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Any signs of fleas? That's a pretty big jump in food intake, and I would be concerned about parasites. Are all of them eating more? With the older ones, I would also be concerned about hyperthyroidism.
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3 eat more the most. 2 are usually done after the second seving of 2 cans. I have dogs who had fleas. But they are on different levels in the house and I have not seen the cats scratching. Thanks for all the input.
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I'd think that since they are all eating more.. parasites are more likely than thyroid issues. Animals get tapeworms from ingesting fleas.. and also from infected fecal matter.. it only takes one cat to ingest a flea, get infected with tapeworm, and with everyone using the same box, licking their feet, etc.. it wouldnt be hard at all for intestinal parasites to be spread among household cats.
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If it is fleas, is there a way to get rid of them without bringing them all to the vet?
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for fleas themselves.. yes.. you can get frontline or advantage without a prescription

if they contracted worms tho, you do need a prescription from the vet.. if your vet knows you well enough, he may prescribe drontal or something similar for everyone without needing to examine each and every animal... one advantage of going to the vet routinly!

I do have a link that tells you how you can use frontline or advantage for large dogs and dose it up for cats or small dogs.. you do have to make sure you are getting the right kind.. do not use the K9 advantix, or advantage multi... otherwise, its the same exact thing anyways, just pre-dosed according to weight. Much cheaper to dose it yourself instead of using the pre-dosed things.
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