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Here we go again..

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Ok, so some of you might remember back last year when i first got Mittens. I posted about how i could stop Mittens from eating so fast and then pushing Monster away from his food and gobbling his up. Many of you suggested separating them while they eat, and raising the height of the dish to make her eat slower. Well, I separated them EVERYTIME they got their wet food. I raised the height of her dish considerably, but that had no effect on how fast she ate, as a matter of fact, she would put her paws up on the books i was using to raise the dish. So i just kept up with the separation during meal times. After several months of doing that, i got kind of sick of it and stopped the separation to see how she would do. It had worked, she wasnt pushing Monster away from his food after finishing her own.

Now she is doing it again! She KNOWS she isnt allowed to do it, because if there is somebody in the kitchen while she is eating, she will finish hers and leave. But the last few days i have caught her eating from Monsters dish after finishing her own. Keep in mind, i give them the same amount of food. Monster is way bigger than she is, and honestly, she still has the small body of a kitten. Like, people who have never seen her will call her a kitten, she is really 1 1/2 yrs old. I get 5.5 ounce cans of food, divide it into quarters, and give them each a quarter of the can, and save the rest for night time. They have dry food available almost 24/7. Im sure they know what it feels like to be hungry, but certainly not STARVED. I would never leave them go hungry. So i just dont understand her urge to eat SO much, when Monster is so much bigger than her, but seems satisfied in the amount of food he gets a day. Is there something wrong, or is this normal. I mean i just dont understand if it is enough for Monster, it should be more than enough for her, she is so much smaller than he is. Any ideas?

By the way, i started separating them again tonight, and will keep doing it if i have to, and i prolly will, since she KNOWS she is not allowed to push Monster from his plate when shes done. And if i walk into the kitchen while she is eating from his plate, if she sees me, she will run away, cuz she knows shes wrong.
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I'm not sure the situation Mittens came from but I deal with a similar feeding situation in my home.

Harley will eat his own and promptly eat Jacks wet if not separated--dry isn't as big of a deal because Jack now defends it (loves his dry not so much his wet)

Harley spent the first year or more of his life on the streets and I'm going to assume searched for food and when found ate as much as he physically could--not knowing when the next meal might come.

Jack has never known that life--maybe for a couple weeks tops as a kitten. But here he has always had access to food, never gone hungry.

I'm not sure that Harley will ever grow out of his need to eat until he can stomach no more--we're 8 months in and he still does it.

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^I got Mittens from my boss, who fed her enough food. She always had dry, if i ever noticed her bowl getting low id put more in. She got wet food 1x a day, and then only 1/2 of a 3 oz can. Now, my boss got her from my friend, whos cat had kittens. Idk how much she ate while living at my friend's. Monster, lived on the streets as a tiny tiny kitten. He was still on milk when i got him, idk his mother must have died or something. I guess his mother gave him enough before that because when i took him i took him to the vet as soon as i could. (i got him on a sat. night and vets are closed Sunday, so i took him Monday.) He was a heathly weight for a kitten of his age, according to the vet. Neither of mine have gone hungry while with me.

I even get comments from people about them being fat. On the other hand, i rag on my mom for her cat being skinny. Well, I think she is skinny anyway. My mom buys the same size cans as i do, and they last her 4 days. So like a 1/4 can a day, and she has dry food out all the time. I dont think thats enough, but i guess everyones different and have different ways of feeding their cats.
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