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I need vibes for Chynna

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I need some vibes for Chynna. She's my old girl

I was in the bathroom and was about to scoop the litter when Chynna climbed in. Usually she waits until it's scooped. However, she peed while I was scooping.

When I scooped the clump she had just made it was not a very big clump. Certainly unusual for her.

I finished scooping and then she got in and got into her "pee pose" but didn't do anything. Then she got out. Then she went back in several seconds later and again didn't do anything. She did this about 5 times before she finally actually did pee. She was near the edge so it ran over. It looked orangish in colour. When I used a tissue to sop it up it actually looked slightly pink on the tissue.

She doesn't seem to be in any distress. No crying. Cuddling as usual. But I called the vet. I'm working evenings this week and only have Friday off before starting 5 day shifts. So I am going to take her in tomorrow morning and leave her over night.

I've asked them to check her urine for a UTI, her blood pressure and her kidney function.

So can I please have some vibes that it's nothing more than a UTI!
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Sending for Chynna.
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Many vibes for Chynna
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Sending lots of vibes for Chynna.
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sending plenty of good thoughts
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More for Chynna!
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Prayers or her.
Sounds like she ha a uti.
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Many many Prayers and good for Chynna
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Sending plenty of prayers and as well as a gentle pat for Chynna.
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Sending lots of
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And a for you!
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Lots of healthy vibes coming her way
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Sending lots of prayers and vibes for good health for Chynna!
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Hugs and prayers for you and Chynna!
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For Chynna 'It's only an UTI, it's only a UTI, it's only an UTI!'

for you.
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My thoughts are with you and your furbaby - I hope that whatever is happening is just temporary - and - you will know Chynna is okay soon.

Praying for her right now.
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Thanks everyone!

I could hardly keep my mind on my job this evening. I was worried about my baby girl.

I just got home and found 1 large clump, or it might have been 2 medium ones in the same spot. But it was more the size of what I'm used to seeing from Chynna. However, she usually goes more than once.

She's still going to the doctor in the morning for tests. I'm not taking any chances. I don't like having to leave her overnight, but with my working in the afternoon, there is no way I'd be able to pick her up. Besides, it will give them a chance to do the tests they need. Plus she's a social butterfly and will be charming the pants off of everyone there as usual.
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Lots & lots of for Squishy's valentine!
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Well, she's there ! I almost took the wrong kitty. I took the carrier down and put a large fluffy towel inside and sat it on the floor by the door. Chynna likes dark places so I figured she would go in. But Abby snuck in there instead. Hopefully she's that agreeable when it's her turn next month

I didn't know most of the staff there today. However, one of the doctors and the office manager heard that Chynna was coming in today, so when they heard me at the desk they came out to see Chynna. I didn't take her out of the carrier, but the vet put her face up to the carrier and Chynna gave her nose kisses.

I'm having them do a weight, renal function test, a urinalysis, blood pressure, blood glucose and if they feel it's prudent, a repeat thyroid function because Dr. Worb had been quite shocked that her previous one had been normal given some of her symptoms that she had been having.

I figure she is there, so she may as well get checked out thoroughly!!

I work this evening and that means Abby will be home by herself. And I'll be out most of the day tomorrow until I pick up Chynna in the late afternoon. She's never been home by herself for that long. Last year when Chynna was at the vet's, I was still not working so she at least had me here. I'll have to remember to leave the TV on for her.
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Best wishes for good labs - BTW, I leave one of the new age music stations on for my cats while I'm gone...I've read that new agey, classical, or harp music is especially pleasing and calming to them. Oh, well, at least someone is getting the benefit of my Comcast On Demand
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for Chynna and for Abby
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The vet called to get more information from me.

Apparently she was loving all over him when he was on the phone She's such a traitor!

Anyway, he's going to do a "mini panel" which is not as comprehensive as the initial ones we had done last year. But it is cheaper than if he did a few individual tests. So he will be evaluating her liver function, renal function, glucose, WBC and a couple other things. He also does feel it's prudent to have a repeat thyroid function test done because the last one was a year ago which in human years is many years for us.

They are also going to get a urine sample and if she does have a UTI he said that they have an injection that lasts 2 weeks, so I don't have to worry about pills

I miss her but I can go to work knowing that she's in good hands, and loving up the attention she's getting. Abby on the other hand....I think she's going to be lonely. I'll have to remember to leave the volume up on my answering machine and then call home and talk to her
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
...I'll have to remember to leave the volume up on my answering machine and then call home and talk to her
Wouldn't it be fun to be able to watch her when that call comes in!
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I just read this! Sending HUGE vibes for Chynna, I hope the panels turn up soon, and she's ok
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