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What to feed on

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Flat Plates or Round Bowls?

I currently use stainless steel round bowls for their pate style wet. But I've noticed that it seems to get smooshed down pretty good in the bottom and they have a hard time getting at that bit of food.

Would a flat plate be a better choice for pate style or are there other benefits to using a plate over a bowl?
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We use flat plates

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I guess it really depends on what your cat likes. Some cats will only eat out of a bowl, others only off of a plate. I use plastic bowls for everything. They have a big one for their dry food that stays available and then a shallow two sided dish for their wet food. Of course my boys don’t like the pate style food so they always get the sliced/chunked kind and I don’t have any problem with food getting mushed down.
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I started using plates because I noticed the food getting crammed up against the sides of the bowls and the kitties had a hard time getting at it. I think they finish faster since I switched. Also, with bowls their whiskers can hit the sides and they don't seem to like that.
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two eat out of "pasta bowls" ie low sided , one eats out of a regular soup or cereal bowl and one eats off a plate, one eats out of any type ...
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mine like low sided bowls, like corelle dessert bowls.
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I have two plastic bowls and one ceramic. The plastic bowls have pretty steep sides and I do notice a bit of leftover food in the corners sometimes, but if they're really hungry they'll lick them clean like they just came out of the dishwasher! I prefer to use these for dry food, though I use them for wet too when the ceramic bowl is dirty. The ceramic bowl is pretty shallow, so I don't think it's a problem. Leftover food tends to be dried up along the rim instead. I think if I gave them plates they would lick the food right off onto the floor! But obviously each cat is different.
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Thanks for all the replies.

I like the idea about low sided bowls. The ones I use now are pretty deep.

I think I will pick up one or two and see how those work out.
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I switched from plastic bowls (too much to throw away every day) to glass plates (they kept breaking them - silly kitties) to very-low-sided stainless steel dishes. I clean them every day and they have a rubber ring on the bottom which pretty much keeps them from sliding, but if those frisky felines do get them off the table, they make one heck of a racket, but don't break!
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The cat dishes I find at the stores are all too deep or too small around. The kitties don't like bowls that touch their whiskers while they're eating. I found some shallow soup plates at a yard sale and the kitties love them. The have just enough of a dip to keep the food from scooting off the plate but it doesn't bother their whiskers.
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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
We use flat plates

i use plates for wet, bowls for dry. all were purchased @ BigLots for about $1 each. i have enough plates to last for a week w/o having to wash them.
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A plate would definitely be the most comfortable to eat from, but my cat pushes around food with his tongue and would spill everything over the edges, so I use shallow glass bowls for food and a stainless steel bowl for water. It works well for us.
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I've got flat face kitties so flat bowls are no good for them or they would be pushing it around all day!

Good luck finding some that suit
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For my convinence, I use a bowl that I fill up with dry food and put the wet on top of he dry. That way I don't have to wash as much lol...I'm lazy
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