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What would you do?

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If you caught your cat stealing some of your food (such as some of the milk in your cereal bowl), what would you do?
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I usually give my cats some of my food, so if they stole something I'd just keep eating. They are good though and have never just snatched off my plate, they wait for me to give them some..
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They eat my cereal with me, it doesn't bother me
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Yuck, yuck, and more yuck. I throw it out if anybody eats from it...
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I share.

(Just as long as they keep their tails out of my dinner.)
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1st, i would laugh, then i would continue to eat it.

...just like lthe other nite, i was woken up to a bag rustling, i get up and look, and there's Nipper with his head completly in a bag of cheezitz
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I try to discourage them from attempting to take my food. Speck doesn't like "people food" except for boiled shrimp, but now with Daisy I have to hold my plate high above my head until she gets distracted. I don't know if anyone else is a fan of The Simpson's, but we are like Bart and Homer fighting over a pork chop! (Don't worry...she has plenty of her own to eat). I agree with Swampwitch, I don't want to eat after anybody.
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ive tried to have them NOT take my food but my girlfriend feeds them whatever they do or dont go after!

so guess I have no choice.

everything tastes better with cat hair anyways lol.
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I share - but I wouldn't encourage them TAKING food off my plate or my boyfriend's. I did have a shelter kitty help himself to one of my protein cookie bar snacks. He was curious and I let him sniff it.. weellll... he licked it and then bit it... so I gave him the part with the cat spittle on it... and he was happy.
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I wouldn't eat anything my cats have touched. They stand in their litter box and lick themselves I don't want that in my food.

Sometimes I will give them a little piece of whatever I am eating though.
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I have done a pretty good job of training my cats not to mess with my food until I'm finished. They don't sit on my lap or the table while I'm eating, but once I'm done I'll put the plate on the floor for a few minutes and they can have a bite if they want. I don't care to eat after them though, so if they did jump up and eat out of my plate I would probably put that plate down on the floor and go fix something else.
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The only thing I share with Mitzi is ice cream

Most of the time she gets little pieces of what I'm eating
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Remove the part they licked/chewed on and eat the rest.
For the most part I don't leave my food unattended, so this isn't a problem. If they try to touch it while I'm eating I'll hiss at them - if that doesn't work, I'll swat at the air near them in a similar fashion to what they do to say "MINE. Back off".
Kitty language works with even the most stubborn of cats so they usually give up the idea of attempting to steal my food before even trying it.
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I don't normally share with my cats. Yesterday I was eating cake with whipped cream topping. I turned around and Gus was licking the fork. I wiped it off with a napkin, and ate it.
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If one of the cats takes a bite or a lick while my backs turned I'll still eat it. (The food - not the cat.) Most of the time they don't get a chance at it and if one of them tries then I hiss at them to say 'back off!'

Freya was the worst. Anything good should be shared (in her mind) and she would try to snag a piece off my plate with her paw. I really miss argueing with her over just whose piece of chicken/salmon/pork chop it was.
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I would just cut off the peice that they ate off and continue eating. I let them sniff just about everything I am eating and 9 out of 10 times they don't want it. The only "people food" they really care about is chicken, beff, and Cheerios. Flower knows how to open any cereal box so even if I don't share with her if the box gets left out on the counter she helps her self It is just better to throw a hadfull in her food dish then come into the kitchen to find an entire box spilled out on the floor
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Mine don't usually eat human food apart from a few licks of my ice cream, and Sophie loves a nibble on the odd potatoe crisp, but i let them no problem, what's mine is theres as i always say
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I have no problem with them having a sip of my water or a lick of my milk from my cereal bowl!
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The only one that tries to steal off the plate is Gizmo. He once got his claws in 1/2 a t-bone steak when I wasn't looking. It wouldn't have bothered me except he dropped it on the floor! :bawl: He didn't get to enjoy his spoils though..the dogs saw to that.

Little One has a habit of wanting to drink whatever we're drinking though. Many mornings I've turned around to see her head in my coffee. Ever see a tortie hyped up on caffine?
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I needed multiple choice. First I punish the cat then continue eating. They can share with me as long as I invite them. Sneaking up on a plate when I'm not looking is tabu in my house.
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It does no good to get upset with them -- after all, they can honestly say that they wouldn't mind if we shared their food, right?

My mom actually puts a little more milk in her cereal than she wants, so when she's done, she can give the rest of the milk and the few floating bits of Blueberry Morning to Dylan... who stands politely waiting for her to finish.
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I try to keep them out of my food, and it's really only Swanie that will get pushy enough to stick his head in my stuff. I usually say to him, do I do that when you're eating your food? No I don't! But if he does manage to get in there and steal some of it, I'll keep eating (including the piece he's eaten off of). It just doesn't bother me. I'll give him a few licks of my ice cream too once in a while. Cindy is much more polite. She doesn't like a lot of people food, but she's a freak for baked lays. DH said one day he heard some rustling, and she was totally inside a bag he had left laying around! I'm sure he didn't throw the bag away either (although it may have been mostly empty)
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Remove the part they licked/chewed on and eat the rest.
For the most part I don't leave my food unattended, so this isn't a problem. If they try to touch it while I'm eating I'll hiss at them - if that doesn't work, I'll swat at the air near them in a similar fashion to what they do to say "MINE. Back off".
Kitty language works with even the most stubborn of cats so they usually give up the idea of attempting to steal my food before even trying it.
I don't let Nova at my food, but she's such a beggar. If, for some reason she manages to touch some part of the food, she can have that part and I'll eat the rest.
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By the way, we don't have the problem in our house. Punkin won't eat any human food. Ella might, but she doesn't show much interest. Sterling just wants to know what it is, usually. So it was a theoretical question on my part, inspired by the poster who said her cat was stealing her cereal milk.
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GAG, GAG, GAG!! I would throw it out right away. NASTY!!
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that happens alot in my house...but only with my fiance.

somehow moo and tilly know better then to go after my food. THey will come up and sit by the plate and then they know I will give them a piece of whatever I'm eating.

However, my fiance and tilly have an interesting relationship. She hates him EXCEPT at meal time...she climbs up to his plate and just steals whatever she wants from it. Usually my fiance stops this by giving her a piece of whatever we're eating when he sits down. But one day we had roast beef and he likes his so rare its still bloody (GRRROOOSSS) anyway He sat the plate down and realized he forgot a fork so he stood up to get it....in that INSTANT tilly (who really is a tiny cat) jumped to his plate and snatched a HUGE piece of roast beef and jumped off the table with it in her mouth. My fiance saw her running across the apartment with this huge and bloody peice of roast beef and took off after her....LOL he came back a few minutes grumbling since she and the roast beef disappeared under the bed
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Sneaky Pie won't touch people food.

Mistoflees had this habit of when the kids were babies. I would have finished feeding the baby their cereal (usually rice with formula). I'd take the baby out of the high chair, put her down, and hear this "clink,clink,clink". Mistoflees would be on the chair- at the tray of the high chair, eating the baby food . At least he'd wait until she was finished.

Now he can't eat any people food. And he loves Cheese-its, shredded cheese and any kind of meat. My youngest was making lunch one day. Dropped a cheese it on the floor, and the cat made a beeline over to where it was.

But if the "people food" he eats has fat in it- he gets terrible diareah. Including cheese and cheese its. At least that's what I'm assuming, we have quit giving him anything but baked chicken and turkey, and he hasn't been sick in several months. I guess it's because he's 16.5 years old, and his system just can't handle too much fat.
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I would just eat it. There are no such things as cat germs Heck, I kiss my cats on the mouth and let them lick my face, so it's no big deal to eat after them
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I caught Noodles licking the corner of my roll at lunch earlier and I just scolded her and then ate it. It wasn't like she was licking it all over, just a tiny corner.
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I'd keep eating it. I dont mind if they get their little kitty germs on it. Especially if it's something good
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