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Kitty hates being brushed

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He will tolerate it for about 30 seconds, then he's done. The brush I have looks similar to this one except all the teeth are the same size and they are spaced apart more.


I try enticing him with treats, but it only lasts so long. He constantly tries to bite the comb. He has med/long hair and his tail is EXTRA bushy. I can get his tail but so far, he is 9 months!!!!!, I have yet to be able to brush his belly. How in the world do you brush your cats???
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I have been fighting this fight with my boys since I got them. I even started Mulder on brushing at 8 weeks old and he still does it!

I use two different brushes at the same time and use lots of treats. I break up their normal treats into smaller pieces so they don’t get too much in one sitting. I give them treats and brush with one brush until they bite it then I switch to the other brush until they drop the first one and go after the second brush, at which point I pick up the first one again, etc.

I’ve known people who have cats that like to be brushed, but my cats hate it for some reason. Both my boys are short haired.
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luckily my princess got used to it, she hated it at first but now she will actually roll to the other side for me, im lucky to be able to get a few strokes on the tummy and thats when she says no more! just keep trying and maybe if you start giving him a treat afterwards that might help.
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Harley's just started to (sort of) like being brushed after 3 months of trying. I'm going by the assumption that the person that had her before me didn't bother to brush her, because she acted like she'd never seen or felt a brush before. She'd act all freaky when she saw it (arching her back, etc), and if I tried to brush her, she'd either pace back and forth or she'd take a swat or a bite at the brush. I just tried to do as much of her as possible in as quick a time as I could, and treats were a definite must. This week, she finally rolled over and let me brush her belly.

Maybe try a different brush? Just keep trying and have some treats handy.
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Some cats just don't like it, and most dislike having their stomachs touched.

You might try easing him into it by using one of those grooming gloves; in that case, it just feels like petting. Or perhaps a Zoom Groom, which is softish and most cats enjoy. Neither will be a long-term solution for a long-haired cat, but if you keep the sessions short and start with those, you might be able to gradually increase the grooming to where you need it to be.

Also, try giving a treat next to the grooming implement before each session, and then giving a treat right after you're done. This will build up positive associations.
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I don't think a Zoom Groom feels as nice on longer coats. Maybe you could try a comb with wider spaced teeth so that it's not as likely to be pulling any fur then work back to a comb a bit better suited for detangling?

Food and a little at a time, is all I can suggest. Start with the places you know your cat tolerates well.
I have one I recently took in who doesn't really like being combed and doesn't yet trust it. But, he loves to have his face and chin combed so I work from there and do a light combing over whatever I can get. He's slowly getting more used to it.

On the flip side, I have two that absolutely love being bushed and combed. They act as if they were just given catnip when I brush them.
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