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Well today has started as a very positive day! Nefertiti slept in her bathrom last night but today when I went to pick her up for morning cuddles she didn't hiss at me instead she purrrrred!!! Caspian and Nefertiti spent a little time together in the lounge but then he started trying to start a game of chase whitch completed baffled poor Nefertiti who toppled over and ran for cover under the sofa. So Caspian has (for the time being) been banished to the kitchen much to his disgust. Leaving little Nefertiti and I in the lounge. We have been having a very nice meowing conversation and she is meowing back to me and coming out from under the sofa and cautiously wondering around. I have even caught her drinking some water for once Thanks for that formula recipe by the way I may try it