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Coco Maui is the name of one of my cats. She is the shy, quiet kind. I thought that I would take her name and use it so that she would get some extra attention. Ok I am wierd, I know she doesn't even know that I use her name on The Cat Site, but it's the thought that counts right?

Coco is because she is coco brownish/black colored and Maui because it sounds like the sound she makes when she meows. Not mee-oww, she says mow-eee (maui).

Here is her picture...


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My user name defines me! I am a crazy cat lover!
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Kumbulu means 'remember' in Zulu. I spent 4 years in South Africa from ages 9-13 so my username is a tribute to that time.
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That's so nice Tania. How neat!
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Thanks mate. I had to learn Afrikaans and Zulu in SA so I thought I'd put it to good use. I think it's important to 'remember' in general - good and bad - it makes us better human beings. Like, it would be good if we all remembered that WE were once learner drivers too, stalling the car and bunny-hopping. If we remembered this, we'd all be a lot more patient with learner drivers, I think.
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Not very imaginative I know, but Sal is just short for Sally. Boring huh?
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Umm...I know this will come as a shocker, but I love my little girls paws. Actually cat paws in general, they are so cute . That's where mine came from .
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I have been called Nunny by my boyfriend for the last 4 years. I guess it stuck, because I use it everywhere!
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Katsrus(Kats r us)~My whole house is filled with cat stuff. And I have 3 cats who own the house. So I tryed to pick something that fit me.
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Nothing special..

I love cats. One of my other message board made up a name for me.

I am so obessed with cats..
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My Catterys' name is DragonPass Cats so I became the DragonLady
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Ady is my nickname (pronounce like the letters A and D) and marie is my middle name.
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My name is froma game calld Final fantasy and The name that I use is the name of one of the GFs in the game. every one I know calls me Ifrit.
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"jcat" is short for "Jamie Cat" or "Jamiecat", as we call him. He's a tuxedo cat, and reminded me of all the British films where the butler or chauffeur seemed to be called "James", as in "Home, James!", and was dressed in a black suit with a white shirt. "James" was just too formal for a devilish little kitten, and "Cat" got added because of "My name is Bond, James Bond". I shorten it to "JC" when referring to him. My actual first name is Tricia.
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Tricia, i smiled reading your posting.. so adorable! i like how you explained your username in detail : Thanks.. i thought your actual name begins with J, now, i know it is Tricia.

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Spooky is a nickname that my husband gave me, so I've used it ever since as my screen name and as user ids for alot of websites. My real name is Sarah.
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Hi, Shirley. I had a look at your show pictures (64!) this evening - wow! That must have been exciting. Am I right in guessing that your favorite color - or lack of it - is white? Just going by your blouse, the cats, the cat beds, etc.. My husband complains that I take too many pictures of our cat (and past cats and dogs), and now I tell him that there's a woman on this forum who takes far more (and better) pictures than I do. What is the optimum size and pixel resolution for attaching a picture here? Mine always seem to be too big, and are rejected, or too small to see the details. I just got a digital camera (2 megapixel), and am trying to learn to use it. I'm a horrible photographer. One family tradition is to tell the story of how I got a camera for my birthday as a kid and took a picture of our puppies - what came out was a wonderful picture of the thermostat on the wall. I've only improved somewhat since then.
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Tricia: you are right, my favorite color IS white.

i used to be a too-much "black and white" person. i am actually pretty direct and plain in my ways. Oh well. These days, i like pastels a lot. Also, i like sunny colors that exude brightness and liveliness, for example lime green.

Yes, the cat shows were exciting! Our next show is a TICA show, and Cathy (CathyG) told me the competition will be pretty keen. Oh well.

My room in Singapore is all white -- white walls, white brass bed, white furnishings, wet bathroom and accessories, etc. Teehee.. very difficult to maintain, i must admit.

Oh yes, Tricia, i take pix of my girls at least 4 times a week. i just finished compiling their first cat show scrap book. It was fun, but involved a lot of work.

Attaching pix, you said? i think the max is no more than 31 in size? A better way that i learned is to go to www.imagestation.com. Download your pix there. Click right on the pix you want to post here to find the properties. Copy the properties and paste here with the following brackets:

[IMG] - before the pix (no space) and [/IMG] after the pix. Again no space. i guess my explanation is rather vague, and might confuse you even MORE..

i love pix.. they are great to reflect upon! i guess it is because i am a sentimentalist. Oh well.

Cheers to Tricia!
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Kitty and Casper are my catsand as I don't have much imagination, I just took their names as my username
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Sydney was the name of my first cat. He died last summer...! I am keeping this name as a nice memory to him
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Gunner was the name of our first dog, a boxer.
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Ok, so i have a side addiction to a MMORPG (massivly multiplayer online roleplaying game) called Everquest, In it my characters name is Derilict Parishioner, he's a dwarven cleric (if you've seen the LoTR movies you should have an idea His name stands for Lost Worshiper, Thats the Deri part. Ciphershort is an anagram of my first name Christopher. Its also a screen name i used prior to everquest
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Gunner 19: Gunner is indeed a "macho" and strong name :

Chris: Thanks for sharing, now we know...i wondered what your username meant at one point.

Sydney the kid: It is very sweet of you to keep your furbaby's name as a keepsake truly very sweet!

Kitty and Casper: i like Casper the friendly ghost -- he has a nice personality.. teehee!

Smiles and Cheers!
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Princess, whom I called Prinny, is the one who got away. She was a cat at the shelter who was adopted by someone else before I give her a forever home.
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Well, my best friend calls me Cherry because of my chin colour they are pink without being painted Only by nature
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Mine is easy, I love Russian Blues!

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TTMom stands for Toes and Tailer's Mom. And those, as most of you know by now, are my fur babies.

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Hmm cool thread.

My online nickname is Sicy.. which is short for Sicilian Goddess LOL.. and I just added the cat cuz I love cats!
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