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Aww. Look at the little sweeties!

They don't look the least bit stressed by their trip.
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OMG!!! The second picture where she is playing with the curtain string. Drop Dead Cute!!
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Great pics. I wish that cats could talk - would love to know the comments of other cats when first meeting a Sphynx!
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The girls have no qualms at all about the trip and transition getting here and staying. They seem so comfortable and happy. They like sleeping in the carrier hubby brought them home in....haven't even sniffed the new bed I bought for them LOL At any rate, they're doing wonderfully.

I know I'm gonna have lots of great pics to show off here. I just love them!! My kids adore them more than they expected to. Of course, hubby has his baby Molly...she loves him
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Well after seeing your new kittens in the clothes I went to petco.
I found a shirt that fits Cleo and I just put it on her.
Dont you love having sphynx cats.
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They are both so beautiful! Congratulations on your new babies!
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They are so stinkin cute! Now I want one!
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Amy, well these are our first experience with them and it's been better than great!! I am going to show both of them coming up in the spring and I plan on breeding them. Their breeder says they have great qualities and would most likely do well in shows. I will be getting a male in May or June to add to my bald family LOL I won't be breeding obviously until the girls are at least a year or more old. My husband was asked for business cards when he had them as he told these people we'd be breeding eventually.

Mews2much, buying the clothes is so fun as you can picture how cute they'll look in them! I just love to do that.

I love these kittens so much!! I cannot believe they stole my heart the instant I saw them. Their personalities are friendly and happy...I love it!!
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They are so silly and adorable! I love the photo of the girls playing with the string. They look like they are full of personality. It makes me want to squish and hug them!
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You know I will be getting another sphynx or rex or peterbald once I learn how to show.
I plan on putting Cleo ina few shows.
I did not want to hog your thread so I posted pics of Cleo in her new clothes here.
My sister found a sphynx she wants.
She was born Dec 15 and will be ready right before Easter.
She is a blue or lilac point spynx.
Here is the link to Cleo in her new clothes.
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I want one now too.......I found a few very few here in Ontario.....they want $1200 to $ is that what they normally cost ?
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Yep that is the right price.
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They look to have settled in beautifully and they are so adorable!

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What little cuties!
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i best not let scarlett see the photos.
before i know it the house will be full of them little cuties!

i didnt like that breed at first but its really grown on me alot!

picture with the string is great!

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Thanks everyone for the compliments! I love them, love them, love them!! They are so fun to be around! I still have my Devon babies who are lots of fun too...they turned 6 weeks yesterday and I didn't even post about it!! I'll have to do something next weekend for sure as we're going to be in Cuba on the 28th. My neighbour is going to come over and do the feeding, litter box, playing etc. She is so great with my babies
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You are so lucky to have both kinds of cats.
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sooooooooooo adorable. they make me want one lol
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I love naked kitties!

They're adorable!
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