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Freaking out a bit

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This has been one of the toughest weeks of my life and I am going to have a nervous breakdown. My baby girl was in the hospital with RSV and my husband got laid off. That turned out to be fine for now because I needed him to help with the other kids but I am not sure what we are going to do for money. We had to postpone Kellers spay because we just couldn't afford it right now. I have her on the waiting list for a discounted spay clinic. It also looks like she may have ringworm again (Zeus has it but he is quarantineed). Our outdoor strays went to an adoption event yesterday and in the process of getting them all loaded into the car Keller got outside and we haven't seen her since yesterday. She is deaf and has been an indoor only cat so I fear for her safety. It has also been very cold here. I am going to knock on all the neighbors doors this morning to see if someone took her in. Please pray that I find her. She is a prime target for prey, cars, or bad people.
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that you find Keller.

What an awful week you've had I hope next week is wayyy better.
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Sending lots of vibes your way that you find poor Keller today!

I'm so sorry you are going through all of this.
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I'm so sorry for all of your troubles. If you have pictures of her that you could put around the neighborhood, that may help also. Many Prayers that Keller will return home safely and your other problems get solved. Please keep us updated.
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The good news is I live in a decent neighborhood and all 3 strays got adopted!!! I knew they would because they were wonderful cats...and beautiful too I am printing flyers for Keller right now. She was not in heat but can she still get pregnant?
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Thats great that the others got adopted, I hope you find little Keller, she a beauty. Please keep us updated. Good luck.
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I hope you find her soon
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I will be praying for Keller's safe return!
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Originally Posted by AMYSCRAZY View Post
She was not in heat but can she still get pregnant?
Yes she can, cats are induced ovulators so if a determined tom gets her she can get pregnant. Less likely if she's not in heat but can happen.
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I feel like crying! No sign of her yet. We put flyers everywhere and talked with most of the neighbors. She is easy to catch because she can't hear you coming and I hope if someone has her they will return her. This is the most recent picture taken a few weeks ago, her hair is a bit longer now. She must be scared. The only cats I see around the neighborhood were the strays I was feeding. We had those spayed and neutered. I jusy want her home safe.

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She may not hear, but her other senses are stronger. I'm Praying she will return to you.
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She's beautiful! I hope you find her.
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Originally Posted by BMW Kitty Cat View Post
She's beautiful! I hope you find her.
I agree!! Best of luck!
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Still no Keller and I am feeling very anxious ;(
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Originally Posted by AMYSCRAZY View Post
Still no Keller and I am feeling very anxious ;(
So sorry to hear. Have you asked the neighbors? Maybe someone saw her and took her (hope not).

I truly hope she appears. I understand how you feel. One of nine was missing for 3 days until I got home from work one day and there he was. Hope the same for you!
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Have you checked with local shelters, too? Vet clinics?
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Nothing is open around here on the weekend but I will check first thing Monday. I hope she is safe somewhere.
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At 4:30 this morning I was awoken to the most awful cat noises outside. I went outside and there was about 5 cats including Keller out there. They all took off including Keller, she didn't even see me, just chased after them and disappeared. I know she is still alive but I am afraid all the noise and cats were about trying to mate with her
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I had a female get out on me once.....she was a stray we had just got into the house weeks b4 that...she was scheduled to be spayed that week..but was gone for 4/5 days...She came back I can't recall on the 4th or 5th day...and a few months later had 5 kittens...she wasn't in heat either....I'm sorry I hope she comes back soon.....

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When my baby goes down for a nap we are going out to look for her again. I hope to get her before they do. It didn't appear that she was ready to let them mate with her yet.
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Oh I really hope you find her again! Good luck with everything... here are more positive vibes your way!

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Any news?

for your rough week
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Many many Prayers and good Keller comes home to you.
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for you and many, many 'Come home Keller!' vibes. .
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Many good wishes you get Keller back (pregnant or not!)
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Well my baby got worse again yesterday so we spent the night at the hospital. My older boys looked for Keller but didn't find her. I am sure she is scared and hiding. I'm sure all the sights and not being able to hear is scary for her. Please keep praying that she will come home. We are going to try and get out today again, at least the big boys will go. Thank you for all your prayers, vibes, and good thoughts.
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I also had a indoor kitty get out and he was gone for days as well....he would show up and sit in my neighbours yard...I'd see him thru a window but when I would get outside and into the neighbours yard...he would go deeper into their 'junk' pile.....like he didn't know who I was and was scared of me....I would talk to him and he would growl at me...which wasn't like him at all....I would see him off and on for a few days...shakin his food ...looking for him...is how I spent the better of one week..then FINALLY one day while I was shaking his food...he comes outta the hedges like nothing happened....I scooped him up and that was that.....he never tried to get out again...he was like 5 and never went out b4 or after...so there is hope

Sorry about your daughter....hope she feels better
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Oh no! You poor thing

i hope things get better soon and Keller comes home
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3 a.m. this morning I heard the cats fighting outside and guess who was on the porch? Yep, Keller fighting with a really BIG tabby tom. She was chasing him off the porch and yelling at him. I scooped her up, she didn't hear me coming and she didn't protest. She was filthy! She looked like a gray cat. I gave her a bath and checked her over really well. She looks fine now that the dirt is gone. There are 2 things that worry me.
1. The tom cat was really big and beautiful but was missing all the hair above his eyes, his whole forehead was bald. What could that have been.
2. Keller has been calling since about 5 this morning. I thought maybe she was confused about the whole situation but she is only vocal when she is in heat. I am fairly sure she is in heat. She was fighting the tom so I am hoping that no mating occured. Would she still be calling if they had mated? She also peed on the couch which she did last time she was in heat.

I am going to call the shelter and see if they can bump us up on the list for spaying.
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I'm so happy for you that you got Keller back. All our Prayers were answered. It would be very good if you could get Keller bumped up. Maybe this is the beginning of a turning point for good things to happen for you again.
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