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Kizzy update: he's been mine for a month now

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I can't believe its been over a month since I got him. Time flies. The changes in him are amazing.


I had Kizzy to the vet on Dec. 11, he was approaching 5mos old and weighed 4.2lbs. Slightly concerned because he is a ragdoll, and my vet thought he should have been 5-5,5lbs at that time.

He was weighed today, 7.1lbs at almost 6mos

I questioned my vet because this seems like a heck of a gain for a month but she was ok with it. She explained that he is not overweight (his ribs and back are easily felt...tummy looks bigger than it is because of his fur) and probally went through a growth spurt when he came to me.

As well, he was eating adult food (not a good brand) and I've been switching him over to TOTW and Chicken Soup kitten plus wet. He obviously needed the nutrition

His URI cleared up no probs, and I was finally able to get his first shots. He reacted well to the shots, for the most part.

He scratched my 8yr old daughter up pretty good She understands why he did it though. But it still scared her as she had no idea what she did wrong.

I had got home from the vets and asked Kayleigh to take Kizzy upstairs to his room (in his carrier), open the carrier door and leave him in his room with the door shut. She didn't understand that I wanted him left in his room alone, and instead she let him loose upstairs (no biggie). Hour later, she was up there and was petting him and hit his sore area. instant kitty reaction of claws and running away.

Luckily noone was scarred emotionally and they still love each other.

Kizzy's fur looks amazing now. The difference a month of good food, no stress and some grooming can make It's thicker, fluffier and oh so soft.


Gone is the shy little one who would hide for the first few days. Since he's out of isolation now, he gets to roam the house.... He sticks to the upstairs though, since my puppy Brandy can usually be found at the bottom of the stairs. When I do grab Kizzy to bring him downstairs, Brandy and him get along well...kinda. No hissing or barking....they are still getting to know each other.

It has been a remarkable month....the growth (physical and emotional) has been so fulfilling. It was great to have the vet say how good he's doing now.
Getting to know him has brought me so much contentment.

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Aw, he's doing so well! Great job. Now we need photos, LOL.
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I can't wait to see some picutres,you were so kind to help me with mine!
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Sounds like he is doing great. Pictures please!
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Sounds like he's flourishing in your house.
Hopefully he and Brandy will learn to love each other, and I'm glad your daughter still loves him.
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