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Travel Case Recmmendations

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My maine coon will be about 22-23 pounds when fully grown, so does anyone have any suggestion as far as what carrier I should buy? Hard or soft? Brand?

I've been looking at these:



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I can only speak to my own experience with a great big cat. Mine weighs about 13 pounds but is extremely tall and long. He couldn't fit comfortably in any fabric carrier that could go under an airline seat (airlines require that it fit under there).

I had to buy a hard carrier and now he travels comfortably under the plane.
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I would strongly recommend a hard-side carrier. The soft ones are really only meant for about 10-12 lb cats. I show cats and have never seen the Maine Coon breeders/owners bringing their MC's in a soft-side carrier - they always have a hard side.
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I've also been looking for a soft-sided carrrier of late and decided to go with the large sturdibag

The dimensions on the teafco (amazon link) are quite small... only 9.25" high...that won't even work for my cats (largest is 15.5lbs) and a maine coon will be much larger. I believe that they have to be able to stand in the carrier (not sure if that is true if going under the seat in the cabin) but if so, your MC wouldn't pass the test in the teafco carrier....and I'm not sure about the large sturdibag either. Now the extra large sturdibag should be plenty big enough (they say it will fit a sheltie) and is 20" long, so would accommodate a longer cat like a MC.

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I bought two different cages, one large Bergman soft sided carrier for vet trips and a medium-dog plastic, crate for extended travel purposes. Thanks for the advice everyone.
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