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I think I'm gonna have the money to pay for Maverick's liver biopsy! (if he ends up needing it, that is).

I've been really worried about how I'm gonna come up with the money to pay for it. I've been trying to sell some of my jewelry, and I printed up a flyer with pix of what I'm selling so my s/o could take it to work to pin on the bulletin board. One of the co-workers told him she wanted to buy one of the rings, and told him to have me hold it for her. I normally don't rely on most peeps when they make a promise like that (due to getting a bum rap from other peeps in the past) but I know the lady and know I can trust her to keep her word b/c I used to work with her myself. So now I'll have the money to pay for Maverick's surgery if he ends up needing it (which hopefully, he won't ).

This is such a big relief!
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That's so good to hear. I hope he doesn't need it though.
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...oh my God!... what a good new!......
Thanks to God there have people who help you!..
for Maverick! and good luck with the results.....
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