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does anyone else cat laugh?

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our new feral "laurie" is starting to scare dh and I She meows really sweet and then when you walk up to her crate she hisses and the makes a noise that sounds like she is laughing. It's like she is playing some weird kitty game with us. Also if you put your hand by the crate she will touch her with hers a few times really nice and then WACK! claws!! and then she makes the laughing noise!! She is one weird kitty cat!
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Val that is not laughing, that is a feral's noise telling you to back off. When she does this, sit down on the floor next to her and just talk to her. Look over her head, and just talk to her quietly. Don't try and pet her or touch her. She has to have trust first and foremost and if she doesn't trust you then anything you do with her (force on her) will just end up setting your back with her by days even weeks. You need to learn to communicate with her, not expect her to respond as a house cat would.
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thanks! It is just such a weird noise, i was wondering what it was! She is the only cat that does it. I guess she is my only real true feral. Snowwhite must be a stray and her babies have been around people since around 8 weeks old. What a challenge this one will be. Hubby and I try to sit across the room from her for a half an hour a day and just talk to each other softly after we feed her to get her used to us being around. She is such a pretty girl, and I'm sure she will be happy out back with the other "ferals" (i use that term loosly on my other cats )
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Our "little girl" makes this sound, and she is anything but "feral". In her case, she makes the sound at birds outside of my office window. When the weather permits, I keep a window open in my home office. There's a nice ledge that the cat loves to lay on to look out. There's a dogwood tree right outside the window, with a branch that comes within a few feet of the window. Some of the birds like to get in that branch and "scold" the cat in the window, and when they do, she starts talking back in that sound. I can get up and walk over to her and she'll side up to me, friendly tail waving greeting, etc.

We got her as a kitten from one of the "no kill" adoption centers. She's an almost-exclusive indoor cat. (we let her come out in the back yard when we are out there, but she has to go in when we do).

I had wondered what that sound was about. I guess she's "warning" the birds that "you're about to get on my last nerve".
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My cats do that, i think what it is is they get frustrated at not being actually able to get the birds and they "chatter" their teeth. Its so cute
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my cat moemoe makes the chattering teeth noise, but non of my cats have ever made this laughing noise before. It really really sounds like laughing
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Val, I wish you could record that sound and make a WAV file of it for people to download. I would love to hear what it sounds like!

Laurie sounds like one, er, feisty lady!
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it would be nice if i could do that it sounds so funny, like a evil laugh...she goes meoowwww all sweet, and then HISSSSS and then hehehehe. she is a feisty kitty that is for sure! I'm just praying she isn't pregnant. Her appointment is 5/29 and her last litter is around 7 weeks old, so hopefully she isn't!
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