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Bugsy is the new Jekyll and Hyde

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What a pain in the butt my boy has been. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with him. Busgy is usually so sweet. Every night when I go to bed he snuggles up to me purring and falls asleep. He goes back and forth between playing with Capone outside the bedroom and snuggling up sweetly to me.

These past four days he has been such an irritant though! At least 5 times a night he will go to the blinds and rattle them so the wood part on the bottom slams against the wall. My boyfriend and I will start hissing at him but that makes him do it louder. Ill get so mad I will storm out of bed to pull him away from the blinds and off he prances having the time of his life running away from Mommy like it’s a game. I can just see him saying “weeeeeeeee!!!†as he runs and hides . I normally end up shutting the door which I hate doing because Capone likes to sleep under the bed.

The next thing he is doing to annoying Bonnie. They developed a really nice relationship and would always fall asleep cuddling. Well, Bugsy learned that she gets annoyed when he plays with her spay stitches. He will sit there and lick and paw at her belly and she will get so irritated eventually ill lock her in her room to sleep.

The next thing is Capone. He LIVES for my elastics. Since he loses them I usually buy a 20 pack and every morning he gets one. Usually all the fur babes know that the elastics are his, and they leave him be knowing it’s the passion of his life. Now every time I walk by the boys Capone is laying down, looking depressed and sad at Bugsy, ill pick Bugsy up…. And of course, he is always lying on the elastic not letting Capone get it.

I just don’t get it. Bugsy is usually so happy and calm. We never have any fighting, or teasing in our house…ever! He also doesn’t like to be picked up anymore, this is odd since it’s his favorite thing to do. Ill be taking him to the vet for his shots and ask about this. He did vomit this morning, but Bugsy has always been a sickly guy.

… he’s just so irritating lately LOL.

Anyone else have a cat that just totally changed personalities?
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I'll admit, I've been AWOL on the boards lately...how long have you had Bonnie? I presume not too long since she has spay stitches?

It sounds to me like you've got a jealous little boy on your hands. He is looking for attention - and getting it - be being naughty. The blinds, pawing at poor Bonnie's stitches, Capone's elastics... Not sure what changed, maybe it was Bonnie getting spayed and getting more attention because she was poorly.

I would try spending some special Bugsy time with him playing, snuggling, whatever he wants to do. Reassure him that he's your special little guy and he's loved.

Also, are there any discipline things that he responds to that won't come "directly" from you? A can of air (mine hate that noise - it's like a super loud hiss to them, I'm sure), can with pennies, something like that? Something that won't be positive reinforcement for him (he wants Mommy's attention, and right now he gets it - you get up and move him (play with him) when he does something bad), something that he just won't like.
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I’m not sure if he’s jealous. We have had Bonnie since September and only got her spayed late because she had serious URI and eye infection and the vet wanted to wait on that. He is just being so difficult. Also, he gets the most time with his parents then all the other animals. Capone doesn’t like to be touched too much and Bonnie is still resting up in her room so Bugsy pretty much has us all to himself. He’s either sitting on my lap while playing on the computer, or watching TV, sleeping on me at nights, or Daddy is carrying him around the house, he gets constant attention because he is so high maintenance and demanding.

I’m not sure of discipline either. My fur babies have always been so perfect I have never had to discipline them (I’ve been lucky). I can try a can of pennies though… that is a great idea.

On a good note he spent the night quietly sleeping in my arms. Capone came up on the bed and attacked his foot and they took their playing out of the room. I am HOPING this is just a phase. Last night is the first night I got over 5 hours sleep in 4 days lol.
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Maybe he's getting TOO MUCH attention, and turning into a 'spoiled brat cat'? Perhaps a little 'benign neglect' might be in order.
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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
Maybe he's getting TOO MUCH attention, and turning into a 'spoiled brat cat'? Perhaps a little 'benign neglect' might be in order.
Lol funny you mentioned that… I was just thinking that. I noticed this morning that my days revolve around him. I do 5 times as much for Bugsy as I do for my other boys. Everything I do through my day at home involves Bugsy in one way or another. Maybe your right, this spoiled little brat needs some neglecting LOL. That’s only if he continues to wake me up night times. I don’t mind tending to his every whim.

I’m thinking if he continues being annoying at night I will lock him in the office room with a litter, food and water. Just to show him that Mommy is not having that, and being an annoying little bugger is NOT the way to get attention.
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