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Vibes for my mom...

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We got maybe 13" of snow in the last two days. My dad called me yesterday and said that the neighbor came over and plowed their driveway. My mom went out and shoveled the little pathway the ferels take to the back porch and walked around to get the mail. She was almost back to the house and slipped and fell on the ice. Now my mother has the WORST luck. She went to brace herself and all of her weight went on her wrist and her arm buckled. She somehow dislocated her elbow and has a small hairline fracture in her wrist. This is all on her right arm. She had rotator cuff surgery in both shoulders so neither arm is strong at all. Mom goes to the orthopedist on Monday to see if she needs surgery or it will heal okay on its own.

Please can I have some vibes for both of my parents? They have some major health problems already and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills from the both of them already. My dad is getting ready to retire in a few weeks and they don't have a lot of money anyways and it will be much less after Dad retires.

Thanks guys.....
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Lots of headed their way!
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Many for your parents and to you!
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I have a driveway that is still heavily iced once week after freezing rain so I know how careful I have to be when walking outside.
Hoping the injuries aren't too severe. My mom fell several yrs ago and broke her wrist and caused much damage and lots of PT so I hope your mom won't need that.
Its hard to fall and not stick your hands out to "break" the fall but I think that causes more damage than it prevents.
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Lots of feel better vibes coming your moms way.
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for your mom that her wrist and arm won't need surgery.
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I will certainly keep your mom in my prayers!
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healing vibes for your Mom.
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Vibes for your mom, dad and you.
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Mega vibes to all of you
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I hope she feels better.
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sending & for all concerned... plus some for you!
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I'm sorry to hear about your mom's injury. It's especially tough when retired persons have to shell out for their medical expenses. Living on a fixed income can be rough. I hope she has a speedy recovery, and for their pocketbook too.
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Plenty of & are headed your way.
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Lots of good vibes headed their way!
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Well Mom is going in for surgery Wednesday. This is the very last thing they needed.

Hopefully she heals fast though!

Thanks for all the vibes!
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Sending mega prayers and vibes out to both your parents for improved health and also extra blessings and earthly rewards for caring for those ferals
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Lots of extra healing vibes for your Mom
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Lots more good vibes to you, your mom, your dad and their pocketbook...
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That's a shame! Well, vibes for a speedy recovery then!
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Oh, I'm so sorry. Many good thoughts for your mom's surgery, and for your folks to be okay in spite of all this.
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Mom had surgey today. It was a 6 hour() long surgery. She had 19 screws and 3 plates put in. They took her in at about 12:45pm and my dad called at 7pm and said she just got out and would be in recovery for 2 hours. I haven't talked to her in a few days and just need to talk to her. I miss her!

Thank you again for all of your well-wishes
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